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British extradition policy and the problem of the political offender, 1842-1914
Adams, N., Ph.D. (1989), Hull (Porter, B.J.)
Anglo-Thai relations, 1945-54
Anuar, M. Nik, Ph.D. (1989), Hull (Bassett, D.K.)
Monetary problems of an export economy: seventy years of monetary debate in Chile, 1844-1914
Bustos Zemelman. , Clara, M.Phil. (1989), Hull (Richardson, P.D.)
Social Democratic politics in Britain, 1881-1911: the Marxism of the Social Democratic Federation
Johnson. , G., Ph.D. (1989), Hull (Reid, D.A.)
Social equity and collective action: the social history of the Korean paekjong under Japanese colonial rule
Kim. , J.S., Ph.D. (1989), Hull (Pons, V.)
Korean Christianity and the Shinto shrine issue in the war period, 1931-45: a sociological study of religion and politics
Kim. , S.G., Ph.D. (1989), Hull (Forster, P.G.)
The Levant Company, 1592-1605
Popham, Janet, M.Phil. (1989), Hull (Andrews, K.R.)
Bishops and Brookes: the Anglican mission and the Brooke raj in Sarawak, 1848- 1941
Saunders, G.E., Ph.D. (1989), Hull
The early life and career of Thomas, Lord Howard, earl of Surrey and 3rd duke of Norfolk, 1474-1525
Vokes, Susan E., Ph.D. (1989), Hull (Heath, P.)
The developmen tof higher education in a developing city: Hong Kong, 1900-80
Fung, P.W., Ph.D. (1988), Hull
British foreign policy towards Malaysia, 1957-67
Pathak, A., Ph.D. (1988), Hull
The reform of punishment and the criminal justice system in England and Wales from the late 17th century to the early 19th century
Rawlings, P.J., Ph.D. (1988), Hull
Aspects of the life of Thomas Arnold (1795-1842) in the light of the unpublished correspondence
Reeve, A.J.H., Ph.D. (1988), Hull
Philips Price and the Russian Revolution.
Rose, Margaret T., Ph.D. (1988), Hull (Saville, J.)
The decline of the British street tramway industry in the 20th century, with special reference to S. Yorkshire
Buckley. , R.J., Ph.D. (1987), Hull (Saville, J.)
Patriots, democrats and social enlightenment: a study of political movements and the development of adult education in the Netherlands, 1780-1813.
Hake, B.J., Ph.D. (1987), Hull
State policies and the social construction of female domestic labour, with particular reference to the care of pre-school children, 1918-48
Hunt, Anne, Ph.D. (1987), Hull (Creighton, H.C.)
Educational developments in the Isle of Man in the inter-war years, 1920-39
Jenkins, J.E.G., Ph.D. (1987), Hull
An analysis of the factors influencing the formation of professional accounting bodies in Scotland, 1850-1900
Kedslie, Moyra J., Ph.D. (1987), Hull (Briston, R.J.)
Post-medieval colonization in the forests of Bowland, Knaresborough and Pickering
Turner, M., Ph.D. (1987), Hull