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Ill-health as a social problem: a case study in the pottery industry, 1910-46.
Erdogan, U., Ph.D. (1973), Keele
The repurcussions of the dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian empire on the railway geography of eastern Europe.
Howkins, T.J., M. A. (1973), Keele
The estates of the Herbert family in the mid 15th century.
Kent, G.H.R., Ph. D. (1973), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
Religion, education and leisure in Primitive Methodism: a study of the social significance of lay predominance within an evangelical sect, 1812-1932.
McKeon, F.J., M.A. (1973), Keele
Thomas Wedgwood, John Wedgwood and Jonah Malkin, potters of Burslem: analysis of certain unpublished 18th-century documentary sources, with particular reference to the manufacture and distribution of earthenware and stoneware.
Mountford, A.R., M.A. (1973), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.; Celoria, F.)
The provision of elementary education for the Catholic poor, 1847-92.
Ryan, P., M.A. (1973), Keele
Romano-British native settlement of the south Pennine region.
Lane, H. C., M. A. (1972), Keele (Rivet, A. L. F.)
Developments in the S. Staffordshire iron and steel industries, 1850-1913, in the light of home and foreign competition.
Le Guillou, M., Ph.D. (1972), Keele
Decline or rationalization? The English grammar schools in the 18th century.
Rose, J.K.H., M.A. (1972), Keele
Aspects of the history of the town of Stafford, 1590-1710.
Adey, K.R., M. A. (1971), Keele (Palliser, D.M.)
British Baptist involvement in Jamaica, 1783-1865.
Catherall, G.A., Ph.D. (1971), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Spanish policy towards N. Morocco, 1900-23.
Chandler, J.A., M.A. (1971), Keele
An examination of the role of church and state in the development of elementary education in N. Staffordshire between 1870 and 1093.
Dewey, J.A., Ph.D. (1971), Keele
Working-class politics in Lancashire, 1885-1906: a regional study in the origins of the Labour party.
Hill, J., Ph.D. (1971), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y)
The new internationalism: a study of F.D. Roosevelt's European policy (1941 to Yalta).
King, F.P., M.A. (1971), Keele (Adams, D.K.)
The changing distribution of the coal mining industry in S. Lancashire, 1931-71.
Ogden, B.P., M.A. (1971), Keele
Population and prosperity in Staffordshire, 1086-1539.
Pinnock, A., M. A. (1971), Keele
The development and changing roles of the adult residential colleges in Britain.
Rowe, K., M.A. (1970), Keele
The history of Newcastle-under-Lyme, 1661-1760
Bridgett, R.W., M.A., Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)