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In peace and war: industrial relations in the N. Staffordshire coalfield, 1907-20.
Newman, Melvin D., M.A. (1991), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
The language of the unheard: civil disorder in Staffordshire, 1640-1842.
Pointon, Timothy J., Ph.D. (1991), Keele (Parry, C.H.T.)
Provincial fire-fighting in Britain, 1666-1941.
Powner, Jonathan R., Ph.D. (1991), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Indoor domestic servants under the age of fifteen in England and Wales, 1850-1914.
Seymour, Claire, Ph.D. (1991), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
Herbert Minton: pottery manufacturer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, 1793- 1858
Booth, Pauline R., M.A. (1990), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
A study of an ancient Staffordshire gentry family - the family of Ralph Sneyd Esq. (1723-93), of Keele, Staffordshire - with a survey of its pre-history
Burgess, Sandra A., M.A. (1990), Keele (McInnes, A.J.D.M.)
Radicals and the Republic: socialist Republicanism in the Irish Free State, 1925- 37
English. , R.L., Ph.D. (1990), Keele (Townshend, C.J.N.)
The documentary evidence for maritime technology in later medieval Englandand Wales
Friel. , I., Ph.D. (1990), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
The triumph of faith: Primitive Methodism and the labouring people in the N. Midlands, 1812-62
Johnson, W.J., Ph.D. (1990), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Anglicanism in Tunstall, 1832-1982, with special reference to Christ Church
Llewellyn, J.G., M.A. (1990), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
The strategic concept of area bombing: World War II and the beginnings of the Cold War
Powell. , O.T., M.A. (1990), Keele (Jones, T.A.)
Aristocratic indebtedness: the Anson estates in Staffordshire, 1818-80
Sambrook, Pamela A., Ph.D. (1990), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
Aspects of solidarity between middle-class and working-class women, 1830-1903
Wilson, Karen M., Ph.D. (1990), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
The battle of Flodden, 1513
Bottomley. , R.P., M.A. (1989), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
The religio Milneriana and the Lloyd George coalition, 1916-21
Forster. , N.T.A., Ph.D. (1989), Keele (Jones, T.A.)
'The average truth': the slave family in South Carolina, 1820-60
Hudson, L.E., Ph.D. (1989), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)
Going a-governessing: the Victorian governess, 1830-1900
Hughes, Kathryn A., Ph.D. (1989), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
A comparative study of nationalist expressions of the Algerian community under French domination 1919-51) and the Black community in the U.S.A. during the 1960s (1960-70).
Laraba, M., Ph.D. (1989), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)
Land expropriation and assimilation: a comparative study of French policy in Algeria and federal Indian policy in the United States during the 19th century.
Osmane, Rahima K., Ph.D. (1989), Keele (Crawford, M.S.)
Henry VII's expedition to France of 1492: a study of its financing, organization and supply
Tanner. , I.E., M.A. (1989), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)