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Henry VII's expedition to France of 1492: a study of its financing, organization and supply
Tanner. , I.E., M.A. (1989), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
Development of manufacturing industries in Pakistan, 1947-80
Abdi, S.T.A., M.A. (1988), Keele
The Anglo-Saxon tower at Earls Barton, Northants: its history, structure and form
Baker, M.R.H., M.A. (1988), Keele (Studd, J.R.)
The New York Times and the Algerian revolution, 1956-62: an analysis of a major newspaper's reporting of events.
Barkaoui, M., Ph.D. (1988), Keele (Adams, D.K.)
The manor of Little Haywood and its small court, 1550-1600
Morris, Pamela R., M.A. (1988), Keele (Harrison, C.J.)
The Kuwaiti press: a study of its development, structure and characteristics
Murad, K.K., M.A. (1988), Keele
Years of fear and hope: the issue of arms control and disarmament in Soviet- American relations, 1957-60.
Parsons, D.J., M.A. (1988), Keele (Garson, R.A.)
The castles of Ranulf III, earl of Chester, with particular reference to the castles at Chartley, Beeston and Bolingbroke
Powner. , J.R., M.A. (1988), Keele (Studd, J.R.)
The Habsburg government of Portugal in the reign of Philip IV, 1621-40.
Rooney, P.T., Ph.D. (1988), Keele (Thompson, I.A.A.)
The middle class define their world: some features of the sociology of an early 20th-century Staffordshire town, Tamworth, 1900-14
Vowles, M., Ph.D. (1988), Keele
The growth and development of trade unionism in Bangladesh, 1947-86
Badiuzzaman, M.Z., Ph.D. (1987), Keele
The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan UNMOGIP), 1948-65, with a postscript on the impact on UNMOGIP of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.
Dawson, P., Ph.D. (1987), Keele (James, A.M.)
The Emperor Frederick II's crusade, 1215-c.1231
Giles, K.R., Ph.D. (1987), Keele (Jackson, P.)
The impact of sport on international relations, with special reference to the modern Olympic movement.
Jacobson, L.B., M.A. (1987), Keele (James, A.M.)
The rural community: a case study of two regions of Staffordshire, 1750-1900
Kitchener, M.J., Ph.D. (1987), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
Trotsky in opposition: 1923-40.
Law, D.S., Ph.D. (1987), Keele (Lampert, E.)
Class and the civilizing process: social factors in the organization of museums in the 19th century
Stokes, E., Ph.D. (1987), Keele
Contrast and continuity: 'Black' reconstruction in South Carolina and Mississippi, 1861-77
Verney. , K.J., Ph.D. (1987), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)
The structure and performance of Algerian industry, 1920-80
Achouri, M, M.A. (1986), Keele
Conflict in Palestine, 1917-48: Palestinian responses to Zionist settlement in Palestine, with particular reference to the attempts to solve the conflict
Al-Soudi, A.M.A., Ph.D. (1986), Keele