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British military intelligence in the First World War
Occleshaw, M.E., Ph.D. (1984), Keele (Jones, T.A.)
Russian perceptions of Poland and Polish culture during the reign of Catherine II
Rembowska, Elzbieta, M.A. (1984), Keele (Bartlett, R.P.)
Geopolitics in United States strategic policy, 1890-1980, with special reference to the post-1945 period
Sloan, G.R., Ph.D. (1984), Keele
Historiographical aspects of Russian Liberalism, 1890-1918
Wilson, A.J.H., M.A. (1984), Keele (Service, R.J.)
The social and economic development of the N. Staffordshire coalfield, 1790- 1918
Howe, Lesley S., M.A. (1983), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Some aspects of the Romano-British church of the 4th and 5th centuries
McKillop, Sybil L., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Rivet, A.L.F.)
The emergence of the black athlete in America: American dream or American dilemma?
Mousinho, G., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)
Lead mining in S.W. Shropshire, 1780-1900
Newman, Olga S., M.A. (1983), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
Anthony Eden at the Foreign Office, 1931-8
Peters. , A.R., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Rolo, P.J.V.)
The division of France, 1789-92, with special reference to Aunis and Saintonge.
Stabler, J.R., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Crook, M.H.)
Dreams to ashes: the negotiation and conclusion of the ANZUS Pact, 1947-52.
Tyler, M.M., M.A. (1983), Keele (Garson, R.A.)
1497 and the Western Rising
Arthurson. , I., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
Calhoun and the concept of 'reactionary enlightenment': an examination of the Disquisition on Government
Clarke. , D.J., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Garson, R.A.)
Eye (Suffolk) in the years of uncertainty, 1520-90
Cook, Margaret A., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
Ceramic manufacture in N. Staffordshire, 1660-1760: a study of internal developments and external influences
Elliott, G.W., M.A. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Changing patterns of educational development in Shropshire from the Restoration until the first Treasury grant, 1660-1883
Hume, R., Ph.D. (1982), Keele
The dissolution of the religious houses in Staffordshire, between 1530 and 1550
Kemp, W.J., M.A. (1982), Keele (Harrison, C.J.)
Thomas and John Gilbert: a study in business enterprise and social mobility in 18th-century England
Lead. , P., M.A. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
From controversy to co-existence: Evangelical Anglicans from World War I to the Nottingham Congress, 1977
Manwaring. , R.G., M.A. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
The state and politics in Iran: the 1921-41 phase
Moghaddam, S.Y., Ph.D. (1982), Keele