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Historiographical aspects of Russian Liberalism, 1890-1918
Wilson, A.J.H., M.A. (1984), Keele (Service, R.J.)
The social and economic development of the N. Staffordshire coalfield, 1790- 1918
Howe, Lesley S., M.A. (1983), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Some aspects of the Romano-British church of the 4th and 5th centuries
McKillop, Sybil L., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Rivet, A.L.F.)
The emergence of the black athlete in America: American dream or American dilemma?
Mousinho, G., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)
Lead mining in S.W. Shropshire, 1780-1900
Newman, Olga S., M.A. (1983), Keele (Vincent, D.M.)
Anthony Eden at the Foreign Office, 1931-8
Peters. , A.R., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Rolo, P.J.V.)
The division of France, 1789-92, with special reference to Aunis and Saintonge.
Stabler, J.R., Ph.D. (1983), Keele (Crook, M.H.)
Dreams to ashes: the negotiation and conclusion of the ANZUS Pact, 1947-52.
Tyler, M.M., M.A. (1983), Keele (Garson, R.A.)
1497 and the Western Rising
Arthurson. , I., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
Calhoun and the concept of 'reactionary enlightenment': an examination of the Disquisition on Government
Clarke. , D.J., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Garson, R.A.)
Eye (Suffolk) in the years of uncertainty, 1520-90
Cook, Margaret A., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Richmond, C.F.)
Ceramic manufacture in N. Staffordshire, 1660-1760: a study of internal developments and external influences
Elliott, G.W., M.A. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Changing patterns of educational development in Shropshire from the Restoration until the first Treasury grant, 1660-1883
Hume, R., Ph.D. (1982), Keele
The dissolution of the religious houses in Staffordshire, between 1530 and 1550
Kemp, W.J., M.A. (1982), Keele (Harrison, C.J.)
Thomas and John Gilbert: a study in business enterprise and social mobility in 18th-century England
Lead. , P., M.A. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
From controversy to co-existence: Evangelical Anglicans from World War I to the Nottingham Congress, 1977
Manwaring. , R.G., M.A. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
The state and politics in Iran: the 1921-41 phase
Moghaddam, S.Y., Ph.D. (1982), Keele
An imperial frame of mind: imperialist and racialist attitudes in the British periodical press, 1851-1914
Nicholson. , J.R., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
The Anglican church in the Rhondda from the Industrial Revolution to Disestablishment
Prichard, T.J., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Briggs, J.H.Y.)
Black American soldiers in Britain, 1942-5, in World War II
Smith, G.A., Ph.D. (1982), Keele (Ellison, Mary L.A.)