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The Irish amateur military tradition in the British Army, c.1854-1945.
Butler, Will, Ph.D. (2014), Kent (Beckett, Ian; Bowman, Timothy)
Popper: hero of British science, 1934-94.
Calver, Neil, Ph.D. (2014), Kent (Sleigh, Charlotte; Smith, Crosbie)
A conflict of interests? British efforts in the pursuit of post-war justice and the exploitation of technical intelligence in occupied Germany.
Hall, Charlie, M.A. (2014), Kent (Schmidt, Ulf)
Meet the Maroons: runaway slaves of the Seychelles, 1768-1939.
Nicholls, Peter, M.A. (2014), Kent (Macola, Giacomo)
An analysis of Charles Williams's financial prints covering the period 1824-5.
Sless, Henry, M.A. (2014), Kent (Welch, David)
Music goes to war: how Britain, Germany and the U.S.A. used jazz as propaganda in World War II.
Studdert, Will, Ph.D. (2014), Kent (Welch, David; Connelly, Mark)
Beyond the 'proletarian turn': black workers, the rise of organised labour and the fragile foundations of civil rights protest in the urban north during the New Deal.
Ayers, Oliver, Ph.D. (2013), Kent (Pettigrew, Will; Jones, Karen)
Gentleman of the sea: the rise of the ocean tramp shipowner, c.1870-1939.
Carpenter, Oliver, Ph.D. (2013), Kent (Sleigh, Charlotte; Smith, Crosbie)
Culture, combat and killing: a comparative study of the British armed forces at war in the Falklands.
Johnston, Peter, Ph.D. (2013), Kent (Welch, David; Connelly, Mark)
The command, control and communication systems of the British Expeditionary Force between September 1939 and June 1940.
Smalley, Edward, Ph.D. (2013), Kent (Bowman, Timothy; Connelly, Mark)
British tank production, 1934-45.
Coombs, Ben, Ph.D. (2012), Kent (Bowman, Timothy; Connelly, Mark)
The British cavalry, 1920-40.
Evans, Gary, Ph.D. (2012), Kent (Connelly, Mark; Bowman, Timothy)
The British yeomanry cavalry, 1793-1920.
Hay, George, Ph.D. (2012), Kent (Bowman, Timothy; Connelly, Mark)
British human rights organisations and Soviet dissent, 1965-85.
Hurst, Mark, Ph.D. (2012), Kent (Boobbyer, Philip; Welch, David)
Isaac Cruikshank and the notion of English liberty, 1783-1811.
Baker, James, M.Phil. (2011), Kent (Welch, David; Ditchfield, Grayson)
Cultural propaganda: the British Council's activities in neutral Europe, 1934-45.
Corse, Edward, Ph.D. (2011), Kent (Welch, David; Schmidt, Ulf)
The clergy of the diocese of Canterbury in the 17th century.
Reid, Thomas, Ph.D. (2011), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth; Edwards, Elizabeth)
The reputations of Sir Francis Burdett.
Arnold, Victoria, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Ditchfield, Grayson; Goebel, Stefan)
Southern leadership during the Vicksburg campaign.
Backler, Raymond, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Conyne, George R.; Jones, Karen; Turley, David)
The role of American popular music in the United States and the United Kingdom during World War II.
Beeny, Martin, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Conyne, George R.; Welch, David)