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The British cavalry, 1920-40.
Evans, Gary, Ph.D. (2012), Kent (Connelly, Mark; Bowman, Timothy)
Isaac Cruikshank and the notion of English liberty, 1783-1811.
Baker, James, M.Phil. (2011), Kent (Welch, David; Ditchfield, Grayson)
Cultural propaganda: the British Council's activities in neutral Europe, 1934-45.
Corse, Edward, Ph.D. (2011), Kent (Welch, David; Schmidt, Ulf)
The clergy of the diocese of Canterbury in the 17th century.
Reid, Thomas, M.A. (2011), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth; Edwards, Elizabeth)
The reputations of Sir Francis Burdett.
Arnold, Victoria, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Ditchfield, Grayson; Goebel, Stefan)
Southern leadership during the Vicksburg campaign.
Backler, Raymond, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Conyne, George R.; Jones, Karen; Turley, David)
The role of American popular music in the United States and the United Kingdom during World War II.
Beeny, Martin, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Conyne, George R.; Welch, David)
British children's books and the First World War, 1914-2007.
Budgen, David, Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Welch, David; Connelly, Mark)
High church networks in Kent during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Smith, Valerie, M.A. (2010), Kent (Ditchfield, Grayson)
Defining a legacy: the role of Theodore Sorensen in shaping the public memory of President Kennedy.
Ulyatt, Michelle A., Ph.D. (2010), Kent (Street, Joe; Welch, David)
An examination of published works in support of comprehension of puritans in the church of England between 1656 and 1689.
Wainwright, Revd. Philip, M.Phil. (2010), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth; Ditchfield, Grayson)
Literary representations of the American western steamboat, 'c'.1811-61.
Barta, Petr, Ph.D. (2009), Kent (Smith, Crosbie)
Recovering identities: the cultural image and commemoration of Great War shell-shock, 1939-2009.
Cameron-Fleming, Kate, M.A. (2009), Kent (Goebel, Stefan; Bowman, Timothy)
Hidden spaces, obscure purposes: the medieval ecclesiastical staircase, gallery and upper chamber in east Kent.
Huitson, Toby, Ph.D. (2009), Kent (Bovey, Alixe; Thomas, Gabor)
Shaping the Victorian navy: experiment, experience and the culture of expertise in naval architecture.
Leggett, Don, Ph.D. (2009), Kent (Smith, Crosbie)
Drawing the line': religion, education and the establishment clause, 1947-97.
Long, Emma, Ph.D. (2009), Kent (Conyne, George R.)
A re-appraisal of the career and reputation of William Laud, archbishop of Canterbury, with specific reference to Scotland, 1633-40.
Wells-Furby, Leonie, Ph.D. (2009), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth)
The -by place names and Scandinavian settlement in Norfolk.
Wilson, Simon A., M.Res. (2009), Kent (Bombi, Barbara)
'Out of a storm of words': the linguistic imagination of the London Blitz: self-texts 1940-2008.
Chase, Alistair, M.A. (2008), Kent (Connelly, Mark; Goebel, Stefan)
Diana and Antoinette Powell-Cotton: ’interested amateurs’?
Legrand, Louise, M.A. (2008), Kent (Sleigh, Charlotte)