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Lt.-Gen. Sir Richard Haking, XI Corps commander, 1915-18: a study in corps command.
Senior, Michael, Ph.D. (2010), Kent
Women and sexuality in World War II: with reference to Mass-Observation.
Ward, Emily, M.A. (2010), Kent
Did Alexander the Great deserve such a prestigious title? A discussion.
Wootton, Abigail, M.A. (2010), Kent
Walden and Fruitlands: religion, nature and value in two transcendentalist experiments.
Blair, Ross M., M.A. (2009), Kent
Periodical foreign news printed in London in the early 17th century.
Boys, Jayne E.E., Ph.D. (2009), Kent
Representations and experiences of place: the islands of Sheppey in the late medieval and early modern period.
Caiazza, Melanie, Ph.D. (2009), Kent
David Lester Richardson (1801-65): a romantic Anglo-Indian.
Ghosh, Priyali, Ph.D. (2009), Kent
Constructing Cassandra: the social construction of strategic surprise at the Central Intelligence Agency, 1947-2001.
Jones, Milo Logan, Ph.D. (2009), Kent
The response in Sussex to the Jacobite rebellion of 1745-6.
Kellett, Edward, M.A. (2009), Kent
Botanical journeys and China's colonial frontiers, 1840-1940.
Mather, Jeffrey Lang, Ph.D. (2009), Kent
A manuscript for all seasons: MS. 8004 in the context of medieval medicine and the dissemination of knowledge.
Mount, Toni P., M.A. (2009), Kent
The history of the Praetorian Guard under the Julio-Claudian emperors.
Snook, Michael, M.A. (2009), Kent
Social networks and relationships in early modern Thanet, c.1560-c.1620.
Wyatt, Gill, M.Phil. (2009), Kent
Uneasy lives: the history of Chinese immigration in San Francisco from 1849 to 1882.
Zhong, Nan, M.A. (2009), Kent
From tradition to modernism: British landscape painting in the post-war period.
Antal Mavity, Imola, Ph.D. (2008), Kent
The reading and writing practices of the Kentish gentry: the emergence of a Protestant identity in Elizabethan Kent.
Bartram, Claire M., Ph.D. (2005), Kent
Private lives and patriotism: a study of attitudes to sex and venereal disease in wartime Britain, 1914-18.
Payne, Emily S., Ph.D. (2005), Kent
The politics of providentialism in England, c.1640-1660.
Browell, Geoffrey C., Ph.D. (2000), Kent
An analysis of the role of migration in respect of Turkey's relations with the E.C./E.U. in the years between 1963 and 1995 inclusive.
Barnard-Kip, Fulya, Ph.D. (1999), Kent
The witch: subversive, heretic or scapegoat? Legal reforms and abuses in England, Scotland and Europe, 1560-1650.
Dawson, Daniel O., Ph.D. (1999), Kent