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Gardner's Trust for the Blind: formation and early development.
Hawkins, John, M.A. (2012), Kingston (Phelan, Craig; Stuart, John)
Suburban development in five neighbouring south London parishes in the middle decades of the 19th century.
Woodward, David, Ph.D. (2012), Kingston (French, Christopher J.; Grieves, Keith)
Imperialism and 'alternative' film culture: the Empire Marketing Board film unit, 1926-33.
Hoare, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2011), Kingston (Brown, Simon; Davis, John R.)
Children of the poor of Kingston-upon-Thames, 1834-82.
Goepel, Helen, Ph.D. (2010), Kingston (French, Christopher J.; Grieves, Keith R.; Stuart, John)
Unpicking the Quakers: prescription and practice in 19th century British Quaker dress.
Rumball, Hannah, M.Res. (2010), Kingston
Representing authority: the image of authority under Louis XIV.
Clarke, L.H.S., M.Res. (2009), Kingston
Changes to the celibacy rules at Oxford and Cambridge universities.
Duckenfield, Bridget, Ph.D. (2009), Kingston (Davis, John; Cunningham, Gail; Betteridge, Tom)
Representations of specific concerns of the Women's Liberation Movement in British feminist art, 1970-8.
Frizell, Hazel E., Ph.D. (2009), Kingston
Reinvention and continuity in the making of an historic visitor attraction: control, access and display at Hampton Court Palace, 1838-1938.
Parker, Julia, Ph.D. (2009), Kingston
The Dublin nationalist press and the development of Irish nationalism, 1842-65.
Andrews, Ann, Ph.D. (2008), Kingston (Warwick-Haller, Sally E.; Beck, Peter J.)
Conflicting modernities? Arts and Crafts and commercial influences in the decoration of the middle-class home, 1890-1914.
Lara-Betancourt, Patricia, Ph.D. (2008), Kingston
Reluctant reformers? Politics and society in Kingston-upon-Thames, 1830-1900.
Reading, Pamela F., Ph.D. (2008), Kingston (French, Chris; Tanner, Andrea; Davis, John)
Arthur Boyd: a life.
Bungey, Darleen, Ph.D. (2007), Kingston
In public, in private: design and modernisation in the London public house, 1872-1902.
Fisher, F.E., Ph.D. (2007), Kingston
Railway influence in Kingston-upon-Thames: paternalism, 'welfarism' and 19th-century society, 1838-1912.
Giles, Audrey, Ph.D. (2007), Kingston (French, Christopher J.; Drummond-Thompson, Philip)
Myth and reality: uncovering and discovering the nurses of St George's Hospital, London 1850-1900.
Hawkins, Susan, Ph.D. (2007), Kingston
Then what could Chamberlain do other than what Chamberlain did? A synthesis of the alternatives to Chamberlain's policy of appeasement, 1936-9.
Stedman, Andrew, Ph.D. (2007), Kingston
The political thought of Vera Brittain.
Badsey, Phylomena, Ph.D. (2006), Kingston
German colonialism in Africa and the development of racial thinking.
De Vos, Vincent, M.Res. (2006), Kingston
Christian Thomasius (1655-1728): reform and education.
Führer, Ursula, M.Res. (2006), Kingston