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Christian Thomasius (1655-1728): reform and education.
Führer, Ursula, M.Res. (2006), Kingston
A study of the rise and decline of selected labour halls in the Greater London Area, 1918-79.
Topman, Heidi, Ph.D. (2006), Kingston
Partition and unity: Ireland's last rugby international in Belfast.
Rigby, Victor, M.A. (2005), Kingston (Warwick-Haller, Sally E.; French, Christopher J.)
The Haskalah: a cultural response to anti-semitism in Eastern Europe, 1840-1920.
Priest, P. Anne, Ph.D. (2000), Kingston (Hawkins, Michael; Barnes, Ian R.; Klier, John D.)
The nature and development of the concept of 'national synthesis' in British Fascist ideology, 1920-40.
Woodbridge, Steven A., Ph.D. (1998), Kingston (Hawkins, Michael; Sullivan, T.J.; Barnes, Ian R.; Pimlott, Ben J.)
The role of gardens in suburban development: a study of Kingston upon Thames, 1800-1914.
Simms, B., M.Phil. (1997), Kingston
The role of America in the development of the Italian fashion industry, 1945-65.
White, Nicola, M.Phil. (1997), Kingston
British imperialism and Social Darwinism: C.L. Temple and colonial administration in northern Nigeria, 1901-16.
Alderman, Christopher J.F., Ph.D. (1996), Kingston (Drummond-Thompson, Philip H.; Hawkins, Michael)
An industrial spirit? American culture and industrial performance, 1850-1929.
Falconer, Angela, M.Phil. (1995), Kingston (French, C.J.; Rogers, D.; Crafts, N.F.R.)
Henry Williamson as a `Romantic fascist'?: the origins, context and applications of Henry Williamson's aesthetic and political ideas.
Romanovitch, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (1993), Kingston (Barnes, I.R.; Beck, P.J.)