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A critical and comparative study of the history of education in the Hijaz during the periods of Ottoman and Sharifian rule, 1869-1925.
Dohaish, A.L.A., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Isserlin, B.S.J.)
The local option question and British politics, 1864-1914.
Greenaway, J.R., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Hartley, O.A.)
Local educational administrators, 1890-1974: the emergence and growth of a profession.
Greenhalgh, Vivienne C., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Gosden, P.H.J.H.)
Political, social and economic ideas of Daniel Defoe.
Illingworth, E., Ph. D. (1974), Leeds (Woods, J.A.)
The history of R.V. Marriner Ltd., worsted spinners, Keighley.
Ingle, G., M.Phil. (1974), Leeds (Turnbull, G.F.)
The Liberal press and the rise of labour, with particular reference to Leeds and Bradford, 1850-95.
Jones, D.M., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
The political attitudes and actions of the English Baptists, with special reference to the late 19th century.
Lloyd, May E., M.Phil. (1974), Leeds (Grossman, J.)
The army of Alexander the Great.
Lock, R. A., Ph. D. (1974), Leeds (Badian, E.)
The Yorkshire miners, 1881-1926: a study in labour and social history.
Neville, R.G., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
The contrast between North and South in England, 1918-39: a study of economic, social and political problems, with particular reference to the experience of Burnley, Halifax, Ipswich and Luton.
Smithies, E.D., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
England and Normandy, 1204-59.
Stevenson, Wendy B., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Cox, J.W.; Le Patourel, J.H.)
The working class in British socialist thought, 1880-1914.
Whelan, J., M.Phil. (1974), Leeds (Miliband, R.; Grossman, J.)
Kirkstall abbey, 1147-1539.
Barnes, G.D., M. Phil. (1973), Leeds (Le Patourel, J.H.)
The role of Dublin in the Irish national movement, 1840-8.
Hill, Jacquelin R., Ph.D. (1973), Leeds (Steele, E.D.)
Autocracy, 404-338 B.C.
Horne, M. J., Ph. D. (1973), Leeds (Mattingly, H. B.)
A study of local elections in Bradford County Borough, 1937-67.
Lohé, M.J., Ph.D. (1973), Leeds (Hartley, O.A.)
A critical edition of John Capgrave's Universal Chronicle.
Lucas, P. J., Ph. D. (1973), Leeds (Cawley, A. C.)
A critical study of Talib Pasha al-Naquib in the setting of his time and environment, on the basis of Arabic and European sources.
Naquib, Haifa, M.Phil. (1973), Leeds (Isserlin, B.S.J.)
The growth and development of Leeds waterworks undertakings, 1694-1852.
Pepperd, R.S., M. Phil. (1973), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.)
Language, education and European contact in Ghana since 1471.
Sackey, J.A., M.Phil. (1973), Leeds (Spencer, J.W.)