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England and Normandy, 1204-59.
Stevenson, Wendy B., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Cox, J.W.; Le Patourel, J.H.)
The working class in British socialist thought, 1880-1914.
Whelan, J., M.Phil. (1974), Leeds (Miliband, R.; Grossman, J.)
Kirkstall abbey, 1147-1539.
Barnes, G.D., M. Phil. (1973), Leeds (Le Patourel, J.H.)
The role of Dublin in the Irish national movement, 1840-8.
Hill, Jacquelin R., Ph.D. (1973), Leeds (Steele, E.D.)
Autocracy, 404-338 B.C.
Horne, M. J., Ph. D. (1973), Leeds (Mattingly, H. B.)
A study of local elections in Bradford County Borough, 1937-67.
Lohé, M.J., Ph.D. (1973), Leeds (Hartley, O.A.)
A critical edition of John Capgrave's Universal Chronicle.
Lucas, P. J., Ph. D. (1973), Leeds (Cawley, A. C.)
A critical study of Talib Pasha al-Naquib in the setting of his time and environment, on the basis of Arabic and European sources.
Naquib, Haifa, M.Phil. (1973), Leeds (Isserlin, B.S.J.)
The growth and development of Leeds waterworks undertakings, 1694-1852.
Pepperd, R.S., M. Phil. (1973), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.)
Language, education and European contact in Ghana since 1471.
Sackey, J.A., M.Phil. (1973), Leeds (Spencer, J.W.)
The public financing of secondary and technical education in Victorian England.
Sharp, P.R., Ph.D. (1973), Leeds (Gosden, P.H.J.H.)
An edition of Abbotside wills and administration, 1690-1760.
Thwaite, H., M. Phil. (1973), Leeds (Forster, G.C.F.; Le Patourel, J.H.)
Industrial development and location in Leeds north of the river Aire, 1775-1914.
Ward, M.F., Ph.D. (1973), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.; Jones, G.R.J.)
Two 18th-century bishops of Chester and their diocese, 1771-87.
Addy, J., Ph.D. (1972), Leeds (Woods, J.A.)
The development of public open spaces in Leeds during the 19th century.
Branston, J.G., M.Phil. (1972), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.)
The opening up of the 'central' region of the S. Yorkshire coalfield and the development of its townships as colliery communities, 1875-1905.
Evison, J., M.Phil. (1972), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
The provincial warlord faction in Yunnan, 1927-37.
Hall, J.C.S., Ph.D. (1972), Leeds (Ch-en, C.-J.)
The consortium powers and the Chinese reorganization loan, 1911-13.
Lee, T.-C., M.Phil. (1972), Leeds (McCormack, G.P.)
Some 19th-century post-Tractarian clergy in the archdeaconry of Salop, diocese of Lichfield, with particular reference to the Societas Sancti Spiritus, 1869-79, its members and its founder, the Rev. Rowland William Corbet, M.A., rector of Stoke upon Tern,
Milner, C., M.Phil. (1972), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.; Barnard, L.W.)
Education in Nazi Germany, 1933-45.
Sloan, K., M. Phil. (1972), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)