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Yorkshire schools and schoolmasters, 1600-1700: aspects of the control of education.
Stephens, J.E., Ph. D. (1976), Leeds (Stephens, W.B.)
A study of the professional responsibilities of school teachers in England since 1902 in their legal and administrative context, with particular reference to Leeds and the West Riding of Yorkshire.
Whalley, G.E., Ph.D. (1976), Leeds (Gosden, P.H.J.H.)
Leeds Corporation, 1835-1905: a history of its environmental, social and administrative services.
Barber, B.J., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.)
The distribution of population, its character and change in part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1801-1951.
Bayliss, D.G., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Fowler, F.J.)
The compensation of English coalminers and their dependants for industrial accidents, 1860-97.
Benson, J., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
An analysis of the social teaching of the English Roman Catholic church in relation to the British Welfare State, 1940-65.
Coman, P.W., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Collins, C. Doreen E.; Grebenik, E.)
Industrial development in S. Leeds, 1790-1914.
Connell, E.J., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.)
The urban development of Wakefield, 1801-1901.
Cowlard, K.A., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Jones, G.R.J.)
A Yorkshire mill town: a study of spatial patterns and processes of urban-industrial growth and the evolution of the spatial structure of Halifax, 1801-1901.
Dingsdale, A., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Jones, G.R.J.)
The history of the Leeds General Cemetary Company, 1833-1965.
Fletcher, R.S., M.Phil. (1975), Leeds (Beresford, M.W.)
The strategic illusion: the Singapore strategy and the defence of Australia and New Zealand, 1919-42.
Hamill, I., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Dilks, D.N.)
The Mechanics' Institute movement in the textile districts of Lancashire and Yorkshire in the second half of the 19th century.
Hemming, J.P., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Gosden, P.H.J.H.)
Catholic recusancy in county Durham, 1559-1625.
Hilton, J.A., M. Phil. (1975), Leeds (Forster, G.C.F.)
Joy, Christine A., Ph.D. (1975), Leeds (Sawyer, P.H.)
The Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the problem of civil disorder, 1886-92.
Lewis, B.E., M.Phil. (1975), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
The educational ideas and policies of Robert Lowe.
Sylvester, D.W., M.Phil. (1975), Leeds (Gosden, P.H.J.H.)
The Hijaz under Ottoman rule, 1869-1914: the Ottoman Vali, the Sharif of Mecca and the growth of British influence.
Al-Amr, S.M., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Isserlin, B.S.J.; Hourani, A.H.; Dilks, D.N.)
Banditry in China, 1911-28, with particular reference to Henan province.
Billingsley, P.R., Ph.D. (1974), Leeds (Jenner, W.J.F.)
The ecole polytechnique, 1795-1830: organization and students.
Bradley, M.M., M. Phil. (1974), Leeds
The medieval manor of Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1066-1399.
Crocker, D.H., M. Phil. (1974), Leeds (Cox, J.W.; Le Patourel, J.H.)