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The reading of Newton in the early 18th century: tories and Newtonianism.
Friesen, John P., Ph.D. (2004), Leeds
Developments in historiography in the 4th century B.C.
Stavrou, Stavros, M.A. (2004), Leeds
The metric tun: standardisation, quantification and industrialisation in the British brewing industry, 1760-1830.
Sumner, James Brinton, Ph.D. (2004), Leeds
Confronting the 'conspiracy': ideology, diplomacy and propaganda in Hitler's crusade against international Bolshevism, 1919-43.
Waddington, Lorna L., Ph.D. (2004), Leeds (Waddington, Geoffrey T.; Spiers, Edward M.)
The chronology, the scale and the impact of the Norman conquest of/on southern Italy in the 11th century.
Bonniot, Christine A., Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Loud, Graham A.)
The Women's Land Army, 1939-50: a study of policy and practice, with particular reference to Craven.
Bullock, Margaret H., Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Sharp, Paul R.)
Headingley cum Burley, c.1540-c.1800.
Cruickshank, John L., Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Chartres, John A.)
The sieges of Hull during the English Civil War.
Culkin, Iain, M.A. (2003), Leeds (Whiting, Robert; Childs, John)
The regulation of midwifery practices in England and Denmark in the 18th century: a comparative study in the social history of medicine.
Folkerson, Helle, Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Honeyman, Katrina)
The middle class in Halifax, 1780-1850.
Iwama, Toshihiko, Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Chartres, John A.; Honeyman, Katrina)
The Leeds Intelligencer and reform, c.1815-1835.
Joyce, Denis, M.A. (2003), Leeds (Green, Simon J.D.)
The development of professional football organisations in Merseyside, 1878-1914.
Kennedy, David, Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Chartres, John A.; Collins, Michael)
Birger Jarl and 13th-century Swedish kingship.
Line, Philip, Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Wood, Ian N.)
Seniority wage system of Japanese large firms: continuity and change in pay systems at the end of the 20th century.
Okanouchi, Junko, Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Tolliday, Steven W.; Wilson, J. F.)
The city of Troia and its territory, c.1020-c.1220.
Oldfield, Paul, M.A. (2003), Leeds (Loud, Graham A.)
Franks and Greeks, Latins and Romans: Greek identity and the Frangokrateia.
Page, Gillian P., Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Lock, Peter; Loud, Graham)
The Anglo-French peace negotiations of 1806: an opportunity squandered.
Perkins, Matthew, M.A. (2003), Leeds (Burrows, Simon F.)
Baron F.M. Grimm and Catherine II of Russia.
Porter, Alexander, M.A. (2003), Leeds (Dixon, Simon M.)
Sanctity in 10th-century Anglo-Latin hagiography: Wulfstan of Winchester's Vita Sancti Æthelwoldi and Byrhtferth of Ramsey's Vita Sancti Oswaldi.
Robertson, Nicola J., Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Swan, Mary; Wood, Ian N.)
Negotiating the boundaries: mothering and the maternity and child welfare services, 1945-60.
Tracey, Louise, Ph.D. (2003), Leeds (Honeyman, Katrina; Tolliday, Steven W.)