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'Our brothers across the ocean'? Unionist diplomacy, the Lansdowne Foreign Office and the Anglo-American 'special relationship', 1900-5.
Adams, Iestyn M., Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Wilson, Keith M.)
Religion and Russian national identity during the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-8.
Aylett, Katherine S., M.A. (2002), Leeds (Dixon, Simon M.)
Nicholas II and the Khodynka coronation catastrophe, May 1896: a study of contemporary responses.
Baker, Helen S., Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Collins, David N.)
The Cabinet committee system and the development of British colonial policy, 1951-64.
Finlayson, John, Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Hartley, O.A.)
Italian state policy and the Sicilian Mafia: from cohabitation to emergency, c.1943-1993.
Marelli, Francesco, Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Gooch, John)
Progress in the parish: colliery development and local government in the Doncaster coalfield, 1905-15.
Oakley, Gillian C., Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.)
Edition and study of selected sermons by Robert Grosseteste.
Paul, Suzanne, Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Swan, Mary)
The reign of the Emperor Gaius: the wider context.
Wilkinson, Samuel, M.A. (2002), Leeds (Moxon, Ian S.)
The granges and estates of Kirkstall abbey in the 12th and 13th centuries.
Wright, Robert J., Ph.D. (2002), Leeds (Young, Alan; Palliser, David)
The aristocracy of Norman Italy, c.1050-1195.
Cant, Craig, Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
The Catholic Church and the Celtic revival in Ireland, 1848-1916 .
Collins, Kevin, M.Phil. (2001), Leeds
The influence of the materialism of the Baron D'Holbach on the French public, 1756-1815.
Curran, Mark D., M.A. (2001), Leeds
Inter-service rivalry and airpower in the Vietnam War.
Horwood, Ian A., Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
Rievaulx abbey and its social environment, 1132-1300.
Jamroziak, Emilia M., Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
Recruiting the British army, 1807-15.
Linch, Kevin B., Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
Power, patronage and religion in a regional Huguenot capital: Nîmes, 1572-1600.
Morris, David C.H., Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
'With zeal and with bayonets only': the British army on campaign in North America, 1775-83.
Spring, Matthew H., Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
Japan's traditional small industry: the case of the Arita ceramicware industry.
Yonemitsu, Yasushi, Ph.D. (2001), Leeds
Arthur Wellesley's career in India.
Barker, Joseph E., M.A. (2000), Leeds (Childs, John C.R.)
Outdoor education: its origins and institutionalization in schools with particular reference to the West Riding of Yorkshire since 1945.
Cook, Lynn, Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Jenkins, E.W.)