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Religion and politics in the history of Bury Grammar School, 1570-1749.
Fallowes, I.B., Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Jenkins, E.W.; Sharp, Paul R.)
Secular political structures in Southumbria in the first half of the 9th century.
Featherstone, Peter J., Ph.D. (2000), Leeds
Penal reform and prison administration, with special reference to the example of Wakefield prison, 1865-95
Harrison, Janet F., Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Donajgrodski, Antony P.)
Yorkshire monasticism, with specific reference to the abbey and dependent town of Selby in the West Riding.
Hass, Jeffrey D., Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Palliser, David M.; Childs, Wendy R.)
Britain and Europe: quests for security - an examination of military and political relations between the United Kingdom and the European powers, with special reference to France, 1944-63.
Longden, Martin A., Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Gooch, John)
The Young Turk revolution and the Macedonian question, 1908-12.
Psilos, Christopher, Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Collins, David N.)
The political ideas of Reginald Brabazon, the 12th earl of Meath.
Pymer, Sarah, M.A. (2000), Leeds (Thompson, Andrew S.)
Competition policy: a comparative analysis of the U.K. brewing industry, 1920-39 and 1979-92.
Sykes, Graham, Ph.D. (2000), Leeds (Chartres, John A.; Tolliday, Steven W.)
A geography of institutional health care in late 19th-century England and Wales.
Wilding, Karl D., Ph.D. (2000), Leeds
The security of the English state, 1689-97.
Wilton, Matthew J., M.A. (2000), Leeds (Childs, John C.R.)
A war of individuals: aesthetic and humanist anti-war feeling in Britain, 1914-22.
Atkin, Jonathan P., Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Cecil, Hugh P.; Whiting, Richard C.)
'A war of individuals': British aesthetic, humanist and moral anti-war reaction during the Great War and post-war period.
Atkin, Jonathan P., Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Cecil, Hugh P.; Whiting, Richard C.)
An analysis of the origins and provisions for rural elementary education in the North Riding of Yorkshire in the early 20th century.
Brown, Joan, M.Phil. (1999), Leeds (Sharp, Paul R.)
Christians in Al-Andalus, 8th-10th centuries.
Christys, Ann R., Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Wood, Ian N.)
The recoinage and exchange of 1816-17.
Clancy, Kevin, Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Challis, Christopher E.; Dyer, Geoffrey P.)
Adult education as a source of employment and vocation in England, 1919-39.
Coles, Janet, Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Sharp, Paul R.; Marriott, S.)
The contract of marriage: the maritagium from the 11th to the 13th century.
de Trafford, Claire E., Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Childs, Wendy R.; Crouch, David B.)
Religion and politics in the history of Bury Grammar School, c.1570-1749.
Fallows, Ian B., Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Jenkins, E.W.; Sharp, Paul R.)
The development of the Royal Navy's strategy and tactics for a war in the Far East, 1919-30.
Field, Andrew D., M.Phil. (1999), Leeds (Gooch, John)
The Liberal party, 1970-83: its philosophy and political strategy.
Fox, Ruth, Ph.D. (1999), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.; Hartley, Owen A.)