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Northampton: Hist

State financial provision for the elderly, 1908-48, with special reference to Northamptonshire.
Adams, John, M.Phil. (2002), Leicester (Bartrip, Peter W.J.)
The role of Julian Pauncefote in the Anglo-American rapprochement, 1889-1902.
Gibb, Paul, Ph.D. (2002), Leicester (Seligmann, Matthew S.)
Gender, crime and discretion in the English criminal justice system, c.1780-1850.
Palk, Deirdre, Ph.D. (2001), Leicester (King, Peter J.R.)
Government in an English provincial town: the corporation of Ipswich, 1720-95.
Clemis, David, Ph.D. (2000), Leicester (King, Peter J.R.)
The 'Bury-al Board': poverty, politics and poor relief in the Brixworth Union, Northamptonshire, c.1870-1900.
Hurren, Elizabeth T., Ph.D. (2000), Leicester (Bartrip, Peter W.J.; King, Peter J.R.)
Changing patterns of female employment in rural England, c.1790-1890.
Verdon, Nicola, Ph.D. (1999), Leicester (King, Peter J.R.)
The British state and the natural environment, with special reference to the Alkali Inspectorate, c.1860-1906.
Garwood, Christine, Ph.D. (1998), Leicester (Bartrip, Peter W.J.)