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The nature and causes of demographic change in an industrializing township: Calverley, 1680-1820.
King, Steven A., Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Hudson, Patricia)
Population structure and occupation in Liverpool, 1660-1750.
Lewis, Fiona, Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Power, M.J.)
Public health in 19th-century port cities: the examples of Liverpool, Glasgow and Belfast.
Sheard, Sally, Ph.D. (1993), Liverpool (Kearns, G.P.; Laxton, P.)
The trading region of Wigan in the early 17th century.
Watmough, Darren C., M.A. (1993), Liverpool
The 1867 Paris Exhibition and its effects on English education, 1867-70.
Ball, W.D., M.Ed. (1992), Liverpool (Betts, R.S.)
A.J. Balfour and education, 1896-1911.
Gibson, Robert S., Ph.D. (1992), Liverpool (Betts, R.S.)
Continuity and change in citizenship education in England in the 20th century.
Wong, Yuk Yong J., Ph.D. (1992), Liverpool (Marsden, W.E.)
The professions in 19th-century Merseyside.
Campbell, Joy, M.Phil. (1991), Liverpool (Kermode, Jennifer I.)
The Isle of Man in the Stuart age.
Dickinson, John R., Ph.D. (1991), Liverpool (Kermode, Jennifer I.)
The paradise of every nuisance: the development of municipal public health services in St. Helens, 1868-1914.
Hawes, Richard A., Ph.D. (1991), Liverpool (Hennock, E.P.)
Reconstructing the Black past: Blacks in Britain [1780-1830].
Myers, Norma, Ph.D. (1991), Liverpool (Tadman, M.)
A comparative study of vocational/technical education in Zambia and Zimbabwe, 1900-87
Follis, B., Ph.D. (1990), Liverpool
Olive cultivation within Greek and Roman agriculture: the ancient economy revisited
Foxhall, Lin, Ph.D. (1990), Liverpool (Davies, J.K.)
The rise and fall of Parkgate, passenger port for Ireland, 1686-1815
Place, G.W., Ph.D. (1990), Liverpool
The development of Preston and its hinterlands in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Heath, Suzanne M., Ph.D. (1989), Liverpool (Power, M.J.)
Population, economy and society in N.E. Lancashire, c.1660-1760
Schwarz, S.M., Ph.D. (1989), Liverpool
Power, prejudice and profit: the world view of the Jamaican slave-owning elite,1788-1834
Steel. , M.J., Ph.D. (1989), Liverpool (Tadman, M.)
A borough and forest community: the courts of Macclesfield in the later 14th century
Tonkinson, A.M., Ph.D. (1989), Liverpool
Infant and child mortality in urban areas of 19th-century England and Wales: a record linkage study
Williams. , Naomi, Ph.D. (1989), Liverpool (Kearns, G.)
Britain and the Benue region: a case study in colonial expansion
Alkali-Fari, A., Ph.D. (1988), Liverpool (Hair, P.E.H.)