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K.C. Theol

Religion in a changing community : Victorian Anglicanism in Dorchester, Dorset 1843 -1900.
Minchin, Jill, M.Phil. (2010), London (Erdozain, Dominic)
Cosmo Gordon Lang, archbishop of Canterbury 1928-42: a reassessment.
Beaken, Robert, Ph.D. (2009), London (Erdozain, Dominic)
Learning to survive: the Petre family and the formation of Catholic communities from Elizabeth I to the eve of the English Civil War.
Kelly, James E., Ph.D. (2009), London (Crankshaw, David)
Pius XII: politician or pastor?
O'Brien, Felicity, Ph.D. (2008), London (Erdozain, Dominic)
In search of perfection: ecclesiology in the life and works of John Colet as dean of St. Paul's cathedral, 1505-19.
Arnold, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2005), London (Crankshaw, David)
Daughters of Eve but mothers in Israel: some aspects of the religious lives of women in 18th-century England.
Jones, Helen M., Ph.D. (2003), London (Smith, Mark A.)
Gloriosa praedicatrix: the origins, development and influence of the medieval legends about Saint Mary Magdalene as preacher and apostle.
Spreadbury, Joanna M., Ph.D. (2001), London
The influence of the Church of England on legislation concerning women, 1903-31.
Francis, Keith A., Ph.D. (1996), London (Champ, Judith F.)
Episcopal office in the English church, 1520-59.
Carleton, Kenneth W.T., Ph.D. (1995), London (Chavasse, Ruth A.)
`The wail of Jeremiah': the early career of C.F.G. Masterman as an expression of Edwardian Christian socialism.
Hesketh, Philip J., Ph.D. (1994), London (Champ, Judith F.)
The Selwyn papers at Winchester cathedral and the Church of England, 1918-39.
Daykin, Timothy E., M.Phil. (1993), London (Champ, Judith F.)
Aspects of episcopal authority in the Church of England, 1928-81, with special reference to the ecumenical dialogue.
Parker, P. Margaret, Ph.D. (1992), London (Champ, Judith F.)