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K.C. War Stud

Sea power, state and society in liberal Spain (1833-68).
Alfaro Zaforteza, Carlos, Ph.D. (2011), London (Lambert, Andrew D.; James, Alan)
Till Sedan us do part: Britain's relations with the French Second Empire, 1865-70.
Barras, Pascal, Ph.D. (2011), London (Lambert, Andrew D.)
Finding a role: the Joint Intelligence Committee and counterinsurgency at the end of empire.
Cormac, Rory, Ph.D. (2011), London (Goodman, Michael S.)
The abandonment/embrace of sovereign state subjectivity.
Farnan, J., Ph.D. (2011), London (Philpott, William; Holden Reid, Brian)
La Salamandre: the French army’s 'Artillerie Spéciale' and the development of armoured warfare in the First World War.
Gale, Timothy, Ph.D. (2011), London (Philpott, William; Maiolo, Joseph)
Combined airpower: an examination of multinational air operations.
Hudson, James, Ph.D. (2011), London (Sabin, Philip; Stone, John)
Social reform in the Royal Navy, 1815-54.
Miller, Graeme, Ph.D. (2011), London (James, Alan; Lambert, Andrew D.)
British Third Army, the application of modern war, and the defeat of the German Army, August-November 1918.
Boff, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2010), London (Philpott, William; Barr, Niall)
Salus civitatis suprema lex: naval intelligence, strategic culture and economic warfare before 1914.
Cobb, Stephen, Ph.D. (2010), London (Lambert, Andrew; Philpott, William)
The second battle of Artois and the French Army's evolution in spring 1915.
Krause, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2010), London (Philpott, William; Sabin, Philip)
The development of amphibious warfare doctrine and practice in the U.K. and U.S., 1945-67.
Liles, Christian, Ph.D. (2010), London (Till, Geoffrey; James, Alan)
The Victualling Board during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
Macdonald, Janet, Ph.D. (2009), London (Lambert, Andrew D.; James, Alan)
Kaiji: imperial traditions and Japan's post-war naval power.
Patalano, Alessio, Ph.D. (2009), London (Lambert, Andrew D.)
Command culture in the British army, 1939-45.
Rose, Patrick, Ph.D. (2009), London (Holden Reid, Brian; Philpott, William)
Intelligence, policy and the Kriegsmarine in the inter-war period.
Faulkner, Marcus, Ph.D. (2008), London (Maiolo, Joseph; James, Alan)
The clash of empires: Anglo-Italian relations in the Middle East and the origins of the Second World War, 1935-1940.
Fiore, Massimiliano, Ph.D. (2008), London (Maiolo, Joseph; James, Alan)
The Wilson government of 1964-70 and the re-defining of Britain's world role: the abandonment of a maritime foreign and defence policy?
Hampshire, Edward, Ph.D. (2008), London (Maiolo, Joseph; Young, Ken)
An analysis of the rise, use, evolution and value of Anglo-American commando and special forces formations, 1939-45.
Hargreaves, Andrew, Ph.D. (2008), London (Reid, Brian Holden; Philpott, William)
Allies and small wars: British, French and Portuguese late colonial counterinsurgency doctrines (1945-1975).
Reis, Bruno, Ph.D. (2008), London (Gow, James; Freedman, Lawrence)
At the sign of the foul anchor: discipline and morale in the Royal Navy during the First World War.
Rowe, Laura, Ph.D. (2008), London (Philpott, William; Lambert, Andrew D.)