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L.S.E. Govt

Democracy and human development: a critical empirical investigation using data from 123 countries, 1970-90.
Vourkoutiotis, Velis, Ph.D. (2002), London (O'Leary, D. Brendan)
The 'obediences' of the Great Schism and conciliar era: the distinction between the personal and territorial with jurists Johannes de Imola, Dominicus de Sancto Geminiano and Petrus de Monte.
Cable, Martin J., Ph.D. (2001), London (Coleman, Janet)
Far from consensual: the politics of British economic policy, 1950-5.
Kelly, Scott J., Ph.D. (2000), London (Barnes, A. John L.)
The political thought of Richard Morison: a study in the use of ancient and medieval sources in Renaissance England.
Nicod, Luc P.M., Ph.D. (1998), London (Coleman, Janet)
Imperial Russia and Sweden: relations, 1815-1914.
Persson, Gudrun I., Ph.D. (1998), London
The partition of Czechoslovakia.
Innes, Abigail J., Ph.D. (1997), London (O'Leary, D. Brendan)
Political change in Iran, 1941-53.
Torfeh, Massoumeh, Ph.D. (1997), London (Kedourie, E.)
Women in two nations and four states: a comparative study of the impact of political regimes and culture on the status of women in the two Koreas and the two Germanies, 1945-89.
Youn, Miryang, Ph.D. (1997), London (O'Leary, D. Brendan)
Idealist and pragmatist elements in R.G. Collingwood's philosophy of history.
Requate, Angela, Ph.D. (1995), London (Minogue, K.R.)
The Tories and Ireland: Bonar Law and Conservative strategy, 1912-14.
Smith, Jeremy W., Ph.D. (1995), London (Beattie, A.J.)
The Attlee governments in perspective: commitment and detachment in the writing of contemporary history.
Burgess, Simon G., Ph.D. (1994), London (Barnes, A. John L.)
Authoritarianism in 20th-century Greece: ideology and education under the dictatorships of 1936 and 1967.
Anastasakis, Othon E., Ph.D. (1992), London (Schopflin, G.; Mouzelis, N.P.)
A Russian philosopher: the life and work of Semen Liudvigovich Frank (1877-1950).
Boobbyer, Philip C., Ph.D. (1992), London (Lieven, D.C.B.)
Politics in Devon and Cornwall, 1900-31.
Dawson, Anthony M., Ph.D. (1991), London (Nossiter, T.J.)
Centre domination and party competition: Christian Democratic party strategy in Italy, 1943-89.
Donovan, Mark P., Ph.D. (1991), London (Smith, G.R.)
The Soviet Union and Egypt, 1947-55.
Ginat, Rami, Ph.D. (1991), London (Kedourie, E.)
Moscow Slavophilism, 1840-65: a study in social change and intellectual development.
Hughes, Michael J., Ph.D. (1991), London (Lieven, D.C.B.)
Agricultural development in Russia, 1906-17: land reform, social agronomy and co-operation.
Klebnikov, Paul G., Ph.D. (1991), London (Lieven, D.C.B.)
The relationship of the Home Office and the Ministry of Labour with the Treasury establishment division, 1919-46: an evaluation of contrasting needs.
Price, Norman G., Ph.D. (1991), London (Jones, G.W.)
Hobbes, metaphor and political thought.
Willson-Quayle, James M., Ph.D. (1991), London (Orr, R.R.)