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L.S.E. Int. Rel

Coercion versus co-optation: Western relations with the M.P.L.A. and F.R.E.L.I.M.O., 1956-76.
Clissold, Gillian R.G., Ph.D. (2001), London
The British and Hadramaut (Yemen), 1863-1967: a contribution to Robinson's multicausal theory of imperialism.
Lekon, Christian, Ph.D. (2001), London
State formation in Oman, 1861-70.
Al-Hinai, Abdulmalik A., Ph.D. (2000), London (Halliday, Fred)
State formation in Oman, 1861-1970.
Al-Hinai, Abdulmalik A., Ph.D. (2000), London (Halliday, Fred)
The place of foreign policy in the transition to modernity: Turkish policy towards the south Caucasus, 1918-21.
Gol, Ayla, Ph.D. (2000), London (Hill, Christopher J.)
Franco-Iraqi relations and Fifth Republic foreign policy, 1958-90.
Styan, David A., Ph.D. (2000), London (Halliday, Fred)
The causes of peace: British and French national interest and Europe in the 1920s.
Andreatta, Filippo, Ph.D. (1996), London (Coker, Christopher)
The forgotten partner: Canada's relations with the European Community, 1958-93.
Potter, Evan H., Ph.D. (1995), London (Hodges, M.R.)
The political economy of north-south relations: Japan's relations with Nigeria, 1960-85.
Chife, Aloy C., Ph.D. (1993), London (Mayall, B.L.; Leifer, M.)
China and the Middle East, 1950-88: a changing framework of relations.
Calabrese, John, Ph.D. (1991), London (Windsor, P.)
India and the Middle East: constancy of policy in the context of changing perspectives, 1947-86.
Mudiam, Prithvi R., Ph.D. (1991), London (Sen, G.)
European Community policy on the position of women and its effects upon the member states, 1958-81.
Neilson, June, Ph.D. (1991), London (Taylor, P.G.)