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Q.M. Hist

Pope Gregory X and the crusades.
Baldwin, Philip, M.Phil. (2012), London (Asbridge, Thomas S.)
A public showcase for the British Film Institute: analysis of the origins, development and cultural impact of the Museum of the Moving Image (1988-99).
Blakemore, Lorraine, Ph.D. (2012), London (Nowell-Smith, Geoffrey S.)
Italian material culture at the Tudor court.
Bolland, Charlotte, M.Phil. (2012), London (Lowe, Kate)
Political humour, 1945-97.
Daniels, Morgan, M.Phil. (2012), London (Hennessy, Peter J.)
Tiers-mondisme and sans-frontierisme in 20th-century France.
Davey, Eleanor, Ph.D. (2012), London (Jackson, Julian T.)
The international dimension of S.P.D. and the P.C.I.: Europe, Cold War and détente.
Freyberg, Stefanie, Ph.D. (2012), London (Sassoon, Donald)
Governing in hard times: the Heath government and civil emergencies - the 1972 and 1974 miners' strikes.
Hughes, Rosaleen, Ph.D. (2012), London (Hennessy, Peter J.)
Utilitarian readings of Plato.
Loizides, Antis, Ph.D. (2012), London (Varouxakis, Georgios; Bourke, Richard)
Harmony and discord within the English 'counter-culture', 1965-75, with particular reference to the 'rock operas' Hair, Tommy, Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar.
McGowan, Jack, Ph.D. (2012), London (Todman, Daniel W.; Sassoon, Donald)
The politics of a presence: Algerians in Marseille from independence to 'immigration sauvage' (1962-74).
Naylor, Ed, Ph.D. (2012), London (Jackson, Julian T.)
British policies compared: Ireland 1919-22 and Palestine 1939-48.
Rubel, Tsela, Ph.D. (2012), London (Bourke, Richard; McBride, Ian R.)
Union and Confederate propaganda: how it affected parliamentary and public opinion of the American Civil War.
Sebrell II, Tom, Ph.D. (2012), London (Catterall, Peter P.)
The English Catholic issue, 1640-62: factionalism, perceptions and exploitation.
Tompkins, Alex, Ph.D. (2012), London (Questier, Michael C.)
The southern flank of N.A.T.O., 1951-9.
Chourchoulis, Dionysios, Ph.D. (2011), London (Ellison, James R.V.)
Readjusting to life after war: the demobilisation of Red Army veterans in Leningrad and the Leningrad region, 1944-50.
Dale, Rob, Ph.D. (2010), London (Merridale, Catherine)
The revival and success of Britain's second application for membership of the European Community, 1968-71.
Furby, Daniel E., Ph.D. (2010), London (Ellison, James)
Politicising stardom: Jane Fonda, I.P.C. films and Hollywood, 1977-82.
Rafferty, James, Ph.D. (2010), London (Glancy, H.M.)
Natural childbirth in 20th-century England: a history of alternative approaches to birth from the 1940s to the 1990s.
Raphael, Amanda-Jane, Ph.D. (2010), London (Catterall, Peter P.)
The history and politics of civilisation: the debate about Russia in French and German historical scholarship from Voltaire to Herder.
Speck, Reto, Ph.D. (2010), London (Bourke, Richard)
Rule behind the silk curtain: the Sultanahs of Aceh, 1641-99.
Abdul Latiff Khan, Sher Banu, Ph.D. (2009), London