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R.H.B.N.C. Hist

Italian merchants in London, 1350-1450.
Bradley, Helen L., Ph.D. (1992), London (Barron, Caroline M.)
Social structure and political allegiance in Westminster, 1774-1820.
Green, Edmund M., Ph.D. (1992), London (Corfield, Penelope J.)
Female prostitution in London, 1730-1830.
Henderson, Anthony R., Ph.D. (1992), London (Corfield, Penelope J.)
The British Union of Fascists in East London and S.W. Essex, 1933-40: a study of the district branches, their memberships and the local context of branch recruitment.
Linehan, Thomas P., Ph.D. (1992), London (Alderman, G.)
Religion, government and society in early modern Westminster, c.1525-1625.
Merritt, Julia F., Ph.D. (1992), London (Barron, Caroline M.)
Relations between the Latin East and the West, 1119-74.
Phillips, Jonathan P., Ph.D. (1992), London (Riley-Smith, J.S.C.)
Knightly piety in south-western France, c.970-c.1130, and the lay response to the First Crusade.
Bull, Marcus G., Ph.D. (1991), London (Riley-Smith, J.S.C.)
Women and Labour politics in Britain, 1893-1932.
Collins, Clare L., Ph.D. (1991), London (Lewis, Jane E.)
Archbishop George Abbot: a study in ecclesiastical statesmanship.
Holland, Susan M., Ph.D. (1991), London (Lake, P.G.; Lockyer, R.W.)
The contribution of the All-India Muslim Educational Conference to the educational and cultural development of Indian Muslims, 1886-1947.
Khan, Abdul R., Ph.D. (1991), London (Robinson, F.C.R.)
The management of political change: British colonial policy towards Singapore, 1942-54.
Pullé, James H., Ph.D. (1991), London (Stockwell, A.J.)
The execution of the will of John, duke of Bedford (1389-1435), with special reference to the inventories of his goods.
Stratford, A. Jenny, Ph.D. (1991), London (Barron, Caroline M.)
Women of the local elite in Lancashire, 1750-c.1825.
Vickery, Amanda J., Ph.D. (1991), London (Corfield, Penelope J.)