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Curating science in an age of empire: Kew's museum of economic botany
Cornish, Caroline , Ph.D. (2013), London (Driver, Felix F.)
Musical women and identity-building in early independent Mexico, 1821-54.
Bitrán, Yael, Ph.D. (2012), London (Ellis, Katherine)
The reading lives of English men and women, 1695-1830.
Bull, Polly, Ph.D. (2012), London (Vickery, Amanda; Champion, Justin A.I.)
The London parish and church of St. Dunstan in the East, c.1450-1550.
Ledfors, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2012), London (Barron, Caroline M.)
Performing propaganda: music life and culture in Paris, 1914-18.
Moore, Rachel, Ph.D. (2012), London (Ellis, Katherine)
Abraham Fleming, writer, cleric and preacher in Elizabethan and Jacobean London.
Painting-Stubbs, Clare, Ph.D. (2012), London (Croft, J. Pauline)
The indigenous Christians in Bilad al-Sham and Egypt in an age of Crusaders, Mongols and Mamluks (1244-1366).
Parker, Kenneth Scott, Ph.D. (2012), London (Harris, Jonathan P.)
Humanitarian relief work in the Spanish Civil War: the independent and non-partisan agencies.
Pretus, Gabriel, M.Phil. (2012), London (Graham, Helen)
Intra-state relations in the Islamic Republic of Iran: the presidency and the struggle for political authority, 1989-2009.
Randjbar-Daemi, Siavush, Ph.D. (2012), London (Martin, Vanessa A.)
Textile crafts, women and gender, 1900-60.
Robinson, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2012), London (Vickery, Amanda)
Women and needlework in Britain, 1920-70.
Robinson, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2012), London (Vickery, Amanda)
'The faith and the fury': popular anticlerical violence and iconoclasm in Spain, 1931-6.
Thomas, Maria, Ph.D. (2012), London (Graham, Helen)
Jewish decay against British revolution: the British Union of Fascists' antisemitism and Jewish responses to it.
Tilles, Daniel, Ph.D. (2012), London (Ceserani, David)
Image and influence: the political uses of music at the court of Elizabeth I.
Butler, Katherine, Ph.D. (2011), London (Rose, Stephen)
Motivations and response to crusades in the Aegean, 1302-48.
Carr, Michael, Ph.D. (2011), London (Harris, Jonathan P.)
Local communities in 15th-century London: craft, parish and neighbourhood.
Colson, Justin, Ph.D. (2011), London (Burgess, Clive R.)
Nostalgia and modernism in puppet music of the 1920s.
Dorsch, Juliane, Ph.D. (2011), London (Ellis, Katherine)
Building the empire, building the nation: water, land and the politics of river-development in Sind, 1898-1969.
Haines, Daniel, Ph.D. (2011), London (Ansari, Sarah)
Colonial copyright and the photographic image: Canada in the frame.
Hatfield, Philip, Ph.D. (2011), London (Driver, Felix F.)
Geography, travel and publishing in mid-nineteenth century Britain
Henderson, Louise, Ph.D. (2011), London (Driver, Felix F.)