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S.O.A.S. Hist. of Near

Historiography in the Ayyubid period.
Hirschler, Konrad, Ph.D. (2003), London (Hawting, Gerald R.)
The history of the Jews in Afghanistan, c.1900-1950s.
Koplik, Sarah B., Ph.D. (2003), London (Hawting, Gerald R.)
Opposition to the Tanzimat state: conspiracy and legitimacy in the Ottoman empire, 1859-78.
Riedler, Florian, Ph.D. (2003), London (Fortna, Benjamin C.)
The British community in occupied Cairo.
Mak, Lanver, Ph.D. (2002), London (Freitag, Ulrike)
Islamic law in 15th-century Morocco: Muhammad al-Miknasi and his work.
Twebti, Mehemed, Ph.D. (2002), London (Hawting, Gerald R.)
The early Il-Khanate, 1258-c.1300.
Lane, George E., M.Phil. (2001), London
Ottoman rule in Egypt, 1680-1711.
al-Abdin, Bashir Z., M.Phil. (1999), London
Shi'i and Sunni identities in 15th- and 16th-century Persia.
Jacobs, Adam L.B., Ph.D. (1999), London (Morton, A.H.; Morgan, David O.)
History of Syria, 750-878 A.D.
Othman, Laila A.I., Ph.D. (1999), London
The Sirat al-Malik al-Mukarram [459/1066-477/1084], an edition and commentary.
Shakir, Mohammed, Ph.D. (1999), London (Hawting, Gerald R.)
The history of the Iraq levies, 1915-32.
Young, Robert V.J., Ph.D. (1998), London (Burrell, R. Michael)
Tribe and state in Waziristan, 1849-83.
Beattie, Hugh, Ph.D. (1997), London (Yapp, Malcolm E.)
The fall of the Constantinople government and British policy, 1920-2.
Ozden, Nese, Ph.D. (1997), London (Anderson, David M.; Yapp, Malcolm E.)
The formation of the Indo-European telegraph line: Britain, the Ottoman empire and Persia, 1855-65.
Shahvar, Suliman, Ph.D. (1997), London (Burrell, R. Michael)
The development of Shi'i Islam in the 3rd/9th century.
Bayhom Daou, Tamima, Ph.D. (1996), London (Hawting, Gerald R.)
The administration of the early Mongol empire.
Cheng, Eva Chih-shu, M.Phil. (1996), London (Morgan, David O.)
Intercommunal relations and the 1958 crisis in Lebanon.
Kanaan, Claude B., Ph.D. (1996), London (Freitag, Ulrike)
Turkey and her Arab neighbours, 1954-8.
Sanjian, Ara G.K., Ph.D. (1996), London (Burrell, R. Michael)
Anglo-Ottoman rivalries in S.W. Arabia prior to and during World War I, 1906-19.
Yaccob, Abdol R.B., Ph.D. (1996), London (Yapp, Malcolm E.)
The United States, Britain and Turkey's search for security, 1945-52.
Athanassopoulou, Ekavi, Ph.D. (1995), London (Hale, W.)