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S.O.A.S. Hist. of S.E. Asia

Contested loyalties: Vietnamese soldiers in the service of France, 1927-39.
Rettig, Tobias F., Ph.D. (2005), London (Brown, Ian G.)
Why did the Thais go to war? A study of Thailand's response to the conflicts in Vietnam and Laos, 1960-8.
Maktara, Suchada, Ph.D. (2003), London (Smith, Ralph B.)
The Comintern, Ho Chi Minh and the Indochinese Communists, 1920-45.
Quinn-Judge, Sophia W., Ph.D. (2001), London
Rubber plantations and labour in colonial Indochina: interests and conflicts, 1896-1942.
Kalikiti, Webby S., Ph.D. (2000), London (Clarence-Smith, William G.)
The impact of World War II on the economy of Vietnam, 1939-45.
Le, Manh Hung, Ph.D. (2000), London (Smith, Ralph B.)
German economic involvement in the Philippines, c.1870-1918.
Salazar, Wigan M.W.T., Ph.D. (2000), London (Clarence-Smith, William G.)
Cultural and intellectual societies and organizations in Saigon, 1915-30.
Peycam, Philippe M.F., Ph.D. (1999), London (Smith, Ralph B.)
Intellectuals and political commitment in Vietnam: the emergence of a public sphere in colonial Saigon, 1916-28.
Peycam, Philippe M.F., Ph.D. (1999), London (Smith, Ralph B.)
The negotiations to end the state of war between Thailand and the United Kingdom: their impact on Thai domestic politics, 1945-7.
Shusawat, Sonsak, Ph.D. (1999), London (Brown, Ian G.)
Economic plans and the evolution of economic nationalism in Siam in the 1930s.
Nambara, Makoto, Ph.D. (1998), London (Brown, Ian G.)
Dato Onn, U.M.N.O. and the Independence of Malaya party, 1948-52.
Puthucheary, Juita M., Ph.D. (1997), London (Smith, Ralph B.)
The Indochinese Communist party in French Cochinchina, 1936-40.
Chonchirdsin, Sud, Ph.D. (1995), London (Smith, R.B.)
The Kapitan Cina of Batavia, 1837-1942.
Lohanda, Mona, Ph.D. (1994), London (Brown, I.G.)
From Dusun to the market: native rubber cultivation in southern Sumatra, 1890-1940.
Purwanto, Bambang, Ph.D. (1992), London (Brown, I.G.)
Dutch policy towards Islam in Indonesia 1945-9.
Goksoy, Ismail H., Ph.D. (1991), London (Smith, R.B.)