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U.C. Hist. of Art

The American War of Independence: metaphor and visual imagery in Britain.
Latham, Thomas E.M., Ph.D. (2005), London (Conway, Stephen R.; Bindman, David)
C.R. Nevinson as painter, printmaker, war artist and leader in the 'call to order' trend, 1910-20.
Black, Jonathan A.A., Ph.D. (2003), London (Bindman, David; Coppel, Stephen)
Serial journalism and the transformation of English graphic satire, 1830-6.
Pound, Richard J., Ph.D. (2002), London (Gretton, Thomas H.; Bindman, David)
The construction of artistic masculinity in James McNeill Whistler, Walter Sickert and Wyndham Lewis, c. 1880-1914.
Shirland, Jonathan C., Ph.D. (2002), London (Hemingway, Andrew F.; Corbett, David Peter)
Aspects of the Eucharist: theology and iconography in French Romanesque sculpture.
Saxon, Elizabeth A., Ph.D. (2001), London
Signs of power: iconoclasm in Paris, 1789-95.
Clay, Richard S., Ph.D. (2000), London (Weston, Helen D.; Gretton, Thomas H.)
Social history of homosexuality in 18th-century France.
Padiyar, Satish, Ph.D. (1999), London (Weston, Helen D.; Rifkin, Adrian)
Career structures and artistic diversity in Nazi Germany: a study of award-winning artists under the Third Reich.
Merckel, Andrea, Ph.D. (1997), London
Corrected chronology: Ad Reinhardt and the American Communist party, 1936-50.
Corris, Michael, Ph.D. (1996), London