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Landscape and nationhood: tradition and modernity in rural Wales, 1900-50
Gruffudd. , .P., Ph.D. (1989), Loughborough (Cosgrove, D.E.)
The Social Democratic movement in Steyr, Austria, 1927-34.
Jeffery, C., Ph.D. (1989), Loughborough
Paternalism, community and corporate culture: a study of the Derby headquarters of the Midland Railway Company and its workforce, 1840-1900
Revill, G.E., Ph.D. (1989), Loughborough (Butlin, R.A.)
A history of Loughborough between c.1810 and c.1870: a study of urban changes in a period of demographic growth and stagnation
Humphrey, W., Ph.D. (1987), Loughborough (Keil, I.J.E.)
The Royalist war effort in the N. Midlands, 1642-6
Bennett, M., Ph.D. (1986), Loughborough (Palmer, Marilyn)
The Attlee and Churchill administrations and industrial unrest, 1945-55
Smith, J.P., Ph.D. (1986), Loughborough (Wrigley, C.J.)
The Lower Soar and the Loughborough Navigation
Williams. , B.C.J., M.Phil. (1986), Loughborough (Palmer, Marilyn)
Books and readers in certain 18th-century parish libraries
Best, G., Ph.D. (1985), Loughborough
The evolution of electronic warfare equipment and techniques in the U.S.A., 1901-45
Price. , A.W., Ph.D. (1985), Loughborough (Duncan, A.M.)
Some aspects of the British coking industry in the 20th century, with emphasis on plants in Yorkshire and Derbyshire
Brewer. , N.C., Ph.D. (1981), Loughborough (Duncan, A.M.)
The government and the control of the British coal industry, 1914-18
Martin, J.F., M.Phil. (1981), Loughborough (Wrigley, C.J.)
A history of the development of the steam boiler, with particular reference to its use in the electrical supply industry
Warburton. , R., M.Phil. (1981), Loughborough (Wilson, D.A.)
Old school libraries of Lancashire: a continued history, 1885-1978.
Potter, J.M., M.A. (1979), Loughborough
Some historical aspects of coking plants in Yorkshire and Derbyshire from 1920 to the present day.
Brewer, N.C., M.Sc. (1978), Loughborough (Duncan, A.H.)
The introduction and implementation of the new poor law in the Barrow-upon-Soar Union, Leicestershire, 1837-60.
Henry, M., M.A. (1978), Loughborough
The life, work and times of Edmund Dulac, artist and book illustrator.
Radcliffe, H.M.S., M.A. (1977), Loughborough
Aspects of social deprivation in Whitechapel in the late 19th century.
Sibley, R., M.A. (1977), Loughborough
The Office of Ordnance and the parliamentarian land forces, 1642-8.
Lewis, D.E., Ph. D. (1976), Loughborough (Roy, I.)
The Nottingham Gas Light and Coke Company, 1818-74.
Roberts, D.E., M.A. (1976), Loughborough (Keil, I.J.E.)
Herbert Schofield and his contribution to the Loughborough Colleges, 1915-50.
Harvey, Joan M., M.A. (1974), Loughborough (Cantor, L.M.)