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The historical geography of Ramsbottom and district, 1783-1900.
Hamilton, Stephanie, M. A. (1974), Manchester (Freeman, T.W.)
Gerald Fitzgerald, the 11th earl of Kildare, 1525-85.
Hanrahan, Margaret C., M. A. (1974), Manchester (Bush, M.L.)
Independency in the first half of the 19th century, with special reference to Joseph Fletcher.
Hayes, H.G., M.A. (1974), Manchester
Rural settlement patterns in medieval Cheshire.
Kenyon, Denise, M.A. (1974), Manchester
Commercial pressure on the British government's policy towards the Indian nationalist movement, 1919-35.
Prest, M.R., Ph.D. (1974), Manchester
The influence of priavte bill procedure upon the formation of the forst railways between Liverpool and Manchester and London.
Tracey, D.B., M.A. (1974), Manchester (Chaloner, W.H.)
The commission of the peace in Cheshire, 1536-1603.
Turner, Patricia J., M. A. (1974), Manchester (Haigh, C.A.)
Great Britain, Australia and the Pacific crisis, 1931-41.
Wright, P., M.A. (1974), Manchester (Lowe, P.C.)
Abu Dulaf al-Ijilin as statesman and litterateur.
al-Zayd, Z.A., M.A. (1973), Manchester
The breakdown of public security: the case of Ireland, 1916-21, and Palestine, 1936-9.
Bowden, T.A., Ph. D. (1973), Manchester
The system of purchase and sale of commissions in the British army and the campaign for its abolition, 1660-1871.
Bruce, A.P.C., Ph. D. (1973), Manchester
Lancashire lieutenancy: an aspect of county administration during the period 1625-40.
Carter, D.P., M. A. (1973), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
Public assistance in Manchester and Salford, 1930-8.
Conway, E., M.A. (1973), Manchester (Chaloner, W.H.)
Some aspects of the histroy of crime in 17th-century England, with special reference to Cheshire and Middlesex.
Curtis, T.C., Ph. D. (1973), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
The impact of the Derby Day Meeting on African education in Basutoland, Northern Rhodesia and Nigeria, 1923-39.
D'Souza, S.H., Ph.D. (1973), Manchester
The economic effects of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars on Ireland.
Fitzpatrick, A.J., Ph.D. (1973), Manchester (Rose, M.E.)
The press and the Protestant succession, 1710-14.
Hood, J.C., M. A. (1973), Manchester (Riley, P.W.J.)
The risings of the clubmen in the English Civil War.
Lynch, G.J., M. A. (1973), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
A register of papal bulls relating to the Knights Templar (British Museum Additional MS. 49613A), edited with an introduction.
Nunn, Julia E., M. A. (1973), Manchester (Denton, J.H.)
Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Soviet secret police: a biography.
Spier, H., Ph. D. (1973), Manchester