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A study of Czechoslovak-Russian relations, 1900-14.
Vysny, M.P., Ph. D. (1972), Manchester
John Morley, Joseph Cowen and Robert Spence Watson: Liberal divisions in Newcastle politics, 1873-95.
Waitt, E.I., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester (Foot, M.R.D.)
Methodist discipline, 1750-1900.
Walker, J.D., M.A. (1972), Manchester (Drewery, B.)
Royalism in drama, poetry and political literature: its beginnings in Jacobean England and its expression in the English Civil War.
Cartwright, A.D., M. A. (1971), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
The wardenship of Thomas, Lord Dacre, 1485-1525.
Cott, Susan E., M. A. (1971), Manchester (Bush, M.L.)
The contribution made by foreigners to the French Protestant reveil, 1815-50.
Evans, R.P., Ph. D. (1971), Manchester (Hall, B.)
The Royal Hungarian Mining and Forestry Academy, Schemnitz, and some aspects of technical education in the period 1750-1971.
Farrar, D.M., M. Sc. (1971), manchester
The Clarion movement: a study of a socialist attempt to implement the Co-operative Commonwealth in England, 1891-1914.
Fincher, Judith A., M.A. (1971), Manchester (Prothero, I.J.)
The policy and attitude of the Roman officials towards Christianity during the 3rd century and the ensuing persecution.
Hughesdon, Beverley A., M. A. (1971), Manchester (Smith, R. E.)
Roman military defences to A.D. 117, with special reference to Britain.
Jones, M. J., M.A. (1971), Manchester (Jones, G.D.B.)
The London Missionary Society mission to Jamaica, 1834-67: its background and development.
Jones, P., M.A. (1971), Manchester
The use of ordnance in early modern warfare, with particular reference to the English Civil War, 1642-9.
Lewis, D.E., M. A. (1971), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
The Art Workers Guild and schools of arts and crafts, 1884-1914.
MacDonald, C.S., Ph.D. (1971), Manchester
An investigation into Maximians's conduct after the adbication, in the light of his conduct from 285 to 305.
Mooney, P. J., M. A. (1971), Manchester (Smith, R. E.)
St. Loe Strachey and the Spectator in Edwardian politics, 1905-11.
Morrell, Patricia M., M.A. (1971), Manchester (Lowe, P.C.)
The politics of the cabinets of Grey and Melbourne and ministerial relations with the house of commons, 1830-41.
Newbould, I.D.C., Ph.D. (1971), Manchester (Prothero, I.J.)
The life and thought of Richard Hurrell Froude and his influence on the Oxford Movement of 1833.
Sidebotham, D.M., M.A. (1971), Manchester
An electorate under pressure: a detailed study of the voting patterns in the German province of hessen during the last years of the Weimar Republic, 1928-33.
Turner, A.W., M. A. (1971), Manchester
The cult of Mithras in the Roman province of Gaul.
Walters, Vivienne J., M. A. (1971), Manchester (Wild, J. P.)
The authenticity of Asser's Life of Alfred.
Lavington, Rosalind M., M. A. (1970), Manchester (John, E.)