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Aspects of Liberal Unionist party organization, 1886-95.
Thompson, M.J., M.A. (1973), Manchester (Foot, M.R.D.)
Tudor minister: Sir Thomas Wriothesley.
Adams, C.J., M. A. (1972), Manchester (Bush, M.L.)
A political history of the Ewe unification problem.
Amenuemy, D.E.K., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester
From enemy to co-belligerent: Italy, mid July to mid October 1943.
Barlow, Dorothy W.I., M. A. (1972), Manchester (Foot, M.R.D.)
An examination of the role, functions and work of the five men who held the office of secretary to the Committee of Council on Education, 1839-99.
Campbell, J.H., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester
The lay peers in parliament, 1640-4.
Crummett, J.B., Ph. D. (1972), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
Peter Stubbs and the Lancashire hand tool industry (to 1840).
Dane, E.S., M.A. (1972), Manchester (Chaloner, W.H.)
The origins of Ulster Unionism.
Gibbon, P.J., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester
The 8th duke of Devonshire and the tariff reform controversy, 1902-8.
Gregory, P.R., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester (Frost, M.R.D.)
The social and economic condition of canal boatmen in England, 1760-1914.
Hanson, H., M.A. (1972), Manchester (Musson, A.E.)
Provisions for the relief of the poor in Manchester, 1754-1826.
Hindle, G.B., M.A. (1972), Manchester (Chaloner, W.H.; Musson, A.E.)
John Doherty, trade unionist and factory reformer, 1798-1854.
Kirby, R.G., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester (Musson, A.E.)
The impact of Methodism on Black Country society, 1760-1860.
Leese, R., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester (Drewery, B.)
Some british attitudes to Islamic aspiration, 1878-1914.
Louis, M.C., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester
The Order of the Garter in the reign of Henry VI.
Milner, J.D., M.A. (1972), Manchester (Roskell, R.S.)
The whig tradition and opposition politics, 1760-83: party principles or the poitics of experience.
Ogden, D., M. A. (1972), Manchester
The influence of Europe upon English ideas during the Civil War, 1640-53.
Richardson, Ksenija, M. A. (1972), Manchester (Manning, B.S.)
The English militia, 1558-80: a study in the relations between the Crown and the commissioners of musters.
Vella-Bonavita, R.V., M. A. (1972), Manchester (Bush, M.L.)
A study of Czechoslovak-Russian relations, 1900-14.
Vysny, M.P., Ph. D. (1972), Manchester
John Morley, Joseph Cowen and Robert Spence Watson: Liberal divisions in Newcastle politics, 1873-95.
Waitt, E.I., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester (Foot, M.R.D.)