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The cult of St. Thecla in Anglo-Saxon England.
Franc, Catherine A., Ph.D. (2003), Manchester
Lesbian identities in Britain 1945-70: personal testimonies and the construction of post-war lesbian history.
Jennings, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Vernon, N. James)
The invisible man? Problematising gender and male medicine in Britain and America, 1800-1950.
O'Neill, Tim, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Cooter, Roger J.)
Rethinking the history of ethology: French animal behaviour studies in the Third Republic, 1870-1940.
Thomas, Marion, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Harwood, Jonathan H.)
Use, refuse or lock them up? A history of Italian academic refugees in Britain, 1930-50.
Turchetti, Simone, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Hughes, Jeff A.)
From Eisenhower to Kennedy: the United States' policy of accommodating the United Arab Republic, 1958-63.
Al-Otaiby, Sattam, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Lowe, Peter C.; Feroz A.K. Yasamee)
A study of personal combat in the ancient world.
Amin, Ibrahim S., M.Phil. (2002), Manchester (Cornell, Timothy J.)
The language of Conservatism in Lancashire between the wars: a study of Ashton-under-Lyne, Chorley, Clitheroe, Royton and South Salford.
Dearling, James, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Vernon, N. James)
The institution of police in Britain, c.1750-1856: a study in historical governmentality.
Dodsworth, Francis, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Joyce, Patrick J.)
The role of Lancashire coroners in the 19th century.
Glasgow, Gordon, M.Phil. (2002), Manchester (Vernon, N. James; Burney, Ian A.)
'Between work and sleep': leisure and civil society in inter-war Britain.
Grand, Philippa, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny)
The puerperal fever controversies: a study of 'Enlightenment science' in British medicine, 1760-1850.
Hallett, Christine, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Pullan, Brian S.)
Derrida and the Holocaust.
Jacobson, Simon, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Joyce, Patrick J.)
The 'independent man' in English political culture, 1760-1832.
McCormack, Matthew, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (O'Gorman, Francis)
Ottomon Muslims in the Venetian republic, 1573-1645: contracts, connections and restrictions.
Ortega, Stephen, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Pullan, Brian S.; Imber, Colin H.)
The government of the eye: light technology, liberalism and the Victorian city, 1840-1900
Otter, Christopher, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Joyce, Patrick J.)
Investigating character in England, c.1880-1914.
Roberts, Nathan, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Rose, Michael E.)
Kingship and conversion: constructing pre-Viking Mercia.
Tyler, Damian, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Higham, Nicholas J.; Leyser, C. Conrad)
History of the Manchester Medical School.
Valier, Helen, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Pickstone, John V.)
History of foot and mouth disease, 19th and 20th century.
Woods, Abigail, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Pickstone, John V.)