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Bosnia in English-language reports, 1600-1914.
Berber, Neval, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (O'Reilly, William; Ó Tuathaigh, Gearóid)
Muscular Christianity, amateurism and the British imperial sports ethos in late 19th-century and early 20th-century Ireland.
Dann, Jeffrey, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (Potter, Simon)
The influence of Tuairim on intellectual debate and policy formulation in Ireland, 1954-75.
Finn, Tomás, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (Harris, Mary N.)
Reform, liberty and the First Crusade.
Fletcher, Anthony, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (LoPrete, Kimberly)
The medieval Irish church and early Norse Christianity.
Martin, Thomas, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (Ó Cróinín, Dáibhí)
The intellectual and political world of John Wilson Croker, 1780-1854: ideas, circles and Conservatism.
Portsmouth, Robert, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (Ó Tuathaigh, Gearóid)
The nobility of the English Pale in Tudor Ireland.
Power, Gerald, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway (Ellis, Steven)
Uisneach, Co. Westmeath: archaeology, history and legend (prehistory to c. A.D. 1100).
Schot, Roseanne, Ph.D. (2008), N.U.I. Galway