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Society in the Anglo-Scottish border region in the 12th and 13th centuries.
Gwynne, T.A., M. Litt. (1974), Newcastle (Barrow, G.W.S.)
The development of agriculture and the diffusion of agricultural innovation in Northumberland, 1750-1850.
Macdonald, S., Ph.D. (1974), Newcastle
Parliamentary elections in N.E. England, 1900-6: the advent of Labour.
Purdue, A.W., M.Litt. (1974), Newcastle (McCord, N.)
Coal-mining villages of Northumberland and Durham: a study of sanitary conditions and social facilities, 1870-80.
Seeley, Jennifer Y.E., M.A. (1974), Newcastle (McCord, N.)
The political role of the Comyns in Scotland and England in the 13th century.
Young, A., Ph. D. (1974), Newcastle (Barrow, G.W.S.)
Parliamentary elections in county Durham, 1929-35.
Callcott, Maureen, M.Litt. (1973), Newcastle (McCord, N.)
Defoe's Review and other political writings in the reign of Queen Anne.
Downie, J.A., M. Litt. (1973), Newcastle (Speck, W.A.)
Elections in Cumberland and Wstmorland, 1695-1723.
Hopkinson, R., Ph. D. (1973), Newcastle (Speck, W.A.)
British policy towards Czechoslovakia, 1936-9.
Mannion, M., M.Litt. (1973), Newcastle (Taylor, Joan M.)
The government of the north of England during the reign of Henry II.
Pringle, Evelyne, M.Litt. (1973), Newcastle (Barrow, G.W.S.)
The growth of the Commons, 1350-1400.
Simpson, C.S.K., M. Litt. (1973), Newcastle (Barrow, G.W.S.)
Administration of the diocese of St. Andrews, 1202-1328.
Ash, Marinell, Ph. D. (1972), Newcastle (Barrow, G.W.S.)
Trends in education in northern England during the 18th century: a biographical study.
Robinson, F.J.G., Ph.D. (1972), Newcastle
The influence of Methodism on the social structure and culture of rural Northumberland, 1820-1914.
Horner, J.P., M.A. (1971), Newcastle
Poor law administration in South Shields, 1830-1930.
Mawson, Pamela, M.A. (1971), Newcastle (Bell, K.M.; McCord, N.)
Some aspects of population geography in certain rural areas of England during the 18th and early 19th centuries.
Randall, H.A., Ph. D. (1971), Newcastle