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The geography of twenty-five market places in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire from 1861 to 1969.
Hill, Mary, M. A. (1972), Nottingham (Smith, Catherine Delano)
The Earls Fitzwilliam and the management of the collieries and other industrial enterprises on the Wentworth estate (1795-1857).
Mee, L.G., Ph.D. (1972), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.)
Laeti and foederati in late Roman frontier defence.
Simpson, C. J., M. Phil. (1972), Nottingham (Thompson, E. A.; Todd, M.)
Pressure groups and the reform of social security in England and Wales, 1919-25.
Chandler, D., M.Phil. (1971), Nottingham
The Metropolitan Board of Works, 1855-99.
Elliott, D.S., M.Phil. (1971), Nottingham
The Leicester Board of Health.
Elliott, M.J., M.Phil. (1971), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.; Meller, Helen E.)
German public opinion and the question of German rearmament, 1945-55.
Frow, A., M. Phil. (1970), Nottingham (Frazier, R.L.; Childs, D.)