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British views of the American racial minorities, 1917-45, with special reference to travel literature.
Murphy, M.J., M.Phil. (1974), Nottingham (Reinders, R.C.)
The origins and development of the macedonian revolutionary movement, with particular reference to the Tayna Makedonsko-Odrinska Revolutsionerna Organizatsiya from its concept in 1893 to the Ilinden uprising of 1903.
Terry, G.M., M. Phil. (1974), Nottingham (Partridge, Monica)
The changing pattern of retail structure of Greater Nottingham, 1912-71.
Whysall, P.T., Ph.D. (1974), Nottingham
The Rev. William Richards (1749-1818) and his firends: a study of ideas and relationships.
Oddy, J.A., M.Phil. (1973), Nottingham (Fryer, W.R.)
Early Mercia: the evidence for the Anglo - Saxon settlement in the area.
Rodda, Angela F., M. Phil. (1973), Nottingham (Bullough, D. A.; Cameron, K.)
Fletcher and Stewart: a business history, with special reference to the firm's role in the world sugar industry.
Bradley, D., M.Phil. (1972), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.)
Chronicon regum Manniae et Insularum: chronicle of the kings of Mann and the Isles. Translated rom the original Latin, with notes.
Broderick, G., M. Phil. (1972), Nottingham
The Nottingham parliamentary election of 1865.
Cutting, D.H., M.Phil. (1972), Nottingham (Rowe, E.)
Some aspects of working-class adult education in 19th-century Carlisle.
Graham, T.B., M.Phil. (1972), Nottingham
The life and thought of the Baptists of Nottinghamshire, with special reference to the period 1770-1914.
Harrison, F.M.W., M.Phil. (1972), Nottingham (Watts, M.R.)
Sociology of the New Testament church to A.D. 62: and examination of the early New Testament church in relation to its contemporary social setting.
Hill, C. S., Ph. D. (1972), Nottingham
The geography of twenty-five market places in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire from 1861 to 1969.
Hill, Mary, M. A. (1972), Nottingham (Smith, Catherine Delano)
The Earls Fitzwilliam and the management of the collieries and other industrial enterprises on the Wentworth estate (1795-1857).
Mee, L.G., Ph.D. (1972), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.)
Laeti and foederati in late Roman frontier defence.
Simpson, C. J., M. Phil. (1972), Nottingham (Thompson, E. A.; Todd, M.)
Pressure groups and the reform of social security in England and Wales, 1919-25.
Chandler, D., M.Phil. (1971), Nottingham
The Metropolitan Board of Works, 1855-99.
Elliott, D.S., M.Phil. (1971), Nottingham
The Leicester Board of Health.
Elliott, M.J., M.Phil. (1971), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.; Meller, Helen E.)
The Nottinghamshire miners, the Union of Democratic Mineworkers and the 1984-5 miners strike: scabs or scapegoats?
Amos, David, Ph.D. (1970), Nottingham (Wrigley, Christopher J.)
Spatial dimensions of Soviet repressions in the 1930s: the House of Writers (Kharkiv, Ukraine).
Bertelsen, Olga, Ph.D. (1970), Nottingham (Baron, Nicholas)
Harold Macmillan and the Middle East, 1955-6.
Cooper, Robert, Ph.D. (1970), Nottingham (Mawby, Spencer W.)