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Productivity growth and structural change in the U.K. economy and food system, 1954-84.
McDonald, J.R.S., Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham
Wealden houses as illustrative of 15th-century Kentish society.
Roscoe, Judith A., Ph.D. (1991), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Village and small town in the Roman west country: a study of the larger Romano-British rural settlements of Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire
Hanley, R., Ph.D. (1990), Nottingham
John Lewyn and the architecture of the northern counties, 1360-1400
Hislop, M.J.B., Ph.D. (1990), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Educational change in a centralized system: the case of the People's Republic of China, 1949-89.
Jin, Xiaojun, M.Phil. (1990), Nottingham
Ordering the land: the 'preservation' of the English countryside, 1918-39
Matless, D.S., M.Phil. (1990), Nottingham (Daniels, S.J.)
British and American policy with regard to Greece, 1943-7: the transition from British to American patronage.
Frazier, R.L., Ph.D. (1989), Nottingham (Spring, D.W.)
A history of British Assemblies of God
Kay, W.K., Ph.D. (1989), Nottingham (Davies, D.J.)
The Henry Ashwell Company: bleachers, dyers and finishers
Murfet, G.J., M.Phil. (1989), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.)
Post-medieval pottery in Lincolnshire, 1450-1850
White. , A.J., Ph.D. (1989), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
The economic policies of the German trade unions in the British zone of occupation, 1945-9.
Hubsch, P.H., Ph.D. (1988), Nottingham
Eighteenth-century parkland 'improvement' on the Dukeries' estates of N. Nottinghamshire
Seymour, S., Ph.D. (1988), Nottingham
The history of Derby Municipal Technical College and its successors, 1899-1977
Trevett, M.E., M.Phil. (1988), Nottingham
Policy and practice in the provision of education for clerical skills in England, 1900-80
Burrell, A., M.Phil. (1987), Nottingham
Non-stipendiary ministry in the Church of England: a history of the development of an idea
Vaughan, P.H., Ph.D. (1987), Nottingham
The town of Nottingham in the 14th century
Hart, T.P., Ph.D. (1986), Nottingham (Storey, R.L.)
Transportation policy formation in Detroit, 1945-85
Neill, W.J.V., Ph.D. (1986), Nottingham
The growth of published and professional fiction writing by women before Jane Austen [from 1696]: its causes and changing characteristics
Turner, Cheryl L., Ph.D. (1986), Nottingham (Meller, Helen E.; Rodway, A.E.)
The Nottinghamshire landowners and their estates, c.1660-c.1840
Aley, Sheila, Ph.D. (1985), Nottingham (Beckett, J.V.)
Policy implementation in housing: a study of the experience of Portsmouth and Derby, 1945-74
Cook, J.A., Ph.D. (1985), Nottingham