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Tendering in the building industry, 1750-1850
Burrows, M.E., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham
The medieval pottery of Lincoln, Nottingham and Derby
Coppack. , G.C., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Edward IV's charter to the clergy
Klesh, Kathleen B., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham (Storey, R.L.)
Regional development in Chile, 1940-70, and future prospects
Sanchez, A., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham
Moneyers of the late Anglo-Saxon coinage, 1016-42
Smart, V.J., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
The lives and works of Nottingham artists, 1750-1914, with special consideration of their associations with the lace industry and society at large
Williams, H., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
Land management and farm structure: spatial organization on a Nottinghamshire landed estate and its successors, 1860-1978
Wood, B.A., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
Scandinavian personal names in Norfolk.
Insley, J., Ph. D. (1980), Nottingham (Bullough, D.A.; Cameron, K.)
Zionism and British policy in Palestine, with special reference to the period 1914-47.
Linthwaite, J.M., M.Phil. (1980), Nottingham
The buildings of the Lincolnshire parsonage from the 16th to the 19th centuries: a survey based on surviving buildings and on decumentary evidence.
Roberts, D.L., Ph. D. (1980), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
The British Labour party and Palestine, 1917-49.
Sargent, A., Ph.D. (1980), Nottingham
Medieval institutios in modern British thought, 1688-1845.
Smith, R.J., Ph. D. (1980), Nottingham (Fryer, W.R.)
The Barnes of Ashgate: a study of a family of the lesser gentry in N .E. Derbyshire.
Stephens, F.J., M.Phil. (1980), Nottingham (Chapman, S.D.; Griffin, A.R.)
The privision of non-vocational adult education by the Nottinghamshire education authority during the period 1944-75.
Hughes, J.T., M.Phil. (1979), Nottingham
The status of women in 1st century Christianity.
Jayne, D. T., M. Phil. (1979), Nottingham
The decline of the Independent Labour Party, 1929-39.
Littlejohns, G.R.N., M.Phil. (1979), Nottingham
The agricultural revolution in Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire, 1750-1873.
Pickersgill, A.C., Ph.D. (1979), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.)
Political ideas, values and ideology: a study of Conservative party views on education, 1944-66.
Shaw, S., Ph.D. (1979), Nottingham
Technical education in the E. Midlands, 1869-1902: a study in educational administration and history.
Tolley, B.H., Ph.D. (1979), Nottingham (Stephens, M.D.; Coats, A.W.)
The defences of the minor towns of Roman Britain.
Watts, D. J., M. Phil. (1979), Nottingham (Todd, M.)