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Politics, religion and the personnel of politics in Nottingham, 1642-88
Lloyd, Patricia A., M.Phil. (1983), Nottingham (Seddon, P.R.)
The development and design of miners' housing, 1750-1939, with special reference to coal production
Rhodes, E., Ph.D. (1983), Nottingham
Paying the piper: a study of the evolution of the University Grants Committee in respect of the English university institutions between 1919 and 1946
Shinn, C.H., Ph.D. (1983), Nottingham
Social geography of Victorian Nottingham, 1851-71
Donbavand, R.M., Ph.D. (1982), Nottingham (Giggs, J.; Smith, Catherine Delano)
Working-class learning and leisure in 19th-century Loughborough
Hughes, M., M.Phil. (1982), Nottingham
The professionalization of economics in Britain, 1870-1914
Maloney. , J., Ph.D. (1982), Nottingham (Coats, A.W.)
Infant mortality as an indicator of social and environmental change, 1890-1939, with special reference to Derby
Nolan. , G.M., Ph.D. (1982), Nottingham (Meller, Helen E.)
A study of educational developments in the diocese of Peterborough, 1561-1700
Shearing, D.K., M.Phil. (1982), Nottingham (Tolley, B.H.)
The factors which contributed to the deposition of Paul of Samosata in 268 A.D
Warner, C.P., M.Phil. (1982), Nottingham
The topography of the city of Barcelona and its urban context in eastern Catalonia from the 3rd to the 12th centuries
Banks. , P.J., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham (Todd, M.)
The episcopate of William Booth, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield (1447-52), with an edition of his register
Bates, J.C., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham (Storey, R.L.)
Tendering in the building industry, 1750-1850
Burrows, M.E., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham
The medieval pottery of Lincoln, Nottingham and Derby
Coppack. , G.C., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham (Dixon, P.W.)
Edward IV's charter to the clergy
Klesh, Kathleen B., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham (Storey, R.L.)
Regional development in Chile, 1940-70, and future prospects
Sanchez, A., M.Phil. (1981), Nottingham
Moneyers of the late Anglo-Saxon coinage, 1016-42
Smart, V.J., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
The lives and works of Nottingham artists, 1750-1914, with special consideration of their associations with the lace industry and society at large
Williams, H., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
Land management and farm structure: spatial organization on a Nottinghamshire landed estate and its successors, 1860-1978
Wood, B.A., Ph.D. (1981), Nottingham
Scandinavian personal names in Norfolk.
Insley, J., Ph. D. (1980), Nottingham (Bullough, D.A.; Cameron, K.)
Zionism and British policy in Palestine, with special reference to the period 1914-47.
Linthwaite, J.M., M.Phil. (1980), Nottingham