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The landed interest and the development of the S. Yorkshire coalfield, 1750-1830
Medlicott, I.R., M.Phil. (1982), Open University (Golby, J.M.)
The development of the Nottingham labour movement
Wyncoll. , P.H., Ph.D. (1982), Open University (Saville, A.J.B. Marwick and J.)
Changes in land utilization along the line of the London and South-WesternRailway from Nine Elms to Basingstoke, 1838-1938
Betts. , D.C., B.Phil. (1981), Open University (Harvie, C.T.; Davis, J.F.)
The development of further education in Newport, 184l-1958
Binmore, K., M.Phil. (1981), Open University
The rise of copper wire, its manufacture and use to 1900: a case of industrial circumspection
Blake-Coleman, B.C., M.Phil. (1981), Open University
Eucharistic liturgies of the Church of England, 1945-80
Cassidy, J.M., M.Phil. (1981), Open University
Tacitus and Roman Britain, with special reference to De vita Agricolae
Rogan, J., B.Phil. (1981), Open University
Fire-brick: a history of refractories technology and its application to iron and steel processes in Britain from 1750 onwards.
Davenport, G.H., Ph.D. (1979), Open University
The regency and administration in Scotland of James Douglas, 4th earl of Morton.
Hewitt, G.R., Ph. D. (1979), Open University (Donnachie, I.L.; Cowan, I.B.)
A history of the Sleaford Navigation.
Hunt, W.M., M.Phil. (1979), Open University (Harvie, C.T.; Hadfield, C.)
British ships and W. China, 1875-1941.
Blue, A.D., B.Phil. (1978), Open University
Medical developments and religious belief, with special reference to Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Farr, A.D., Ph. D. (1977), Open University
A model of geographical change illustrated by selected changes in Buckinghamshire in general, and Fenny Stratford in particular, 1760-1850.
Newbury, P.A.R.-I., B. Phil. (1977), Open University
Education in Seychelles: the government and the missions, 1839-1944.
Stone, I.R., B.Phil. (1977), Open University
The history of corrosion technology up to about the time of the First World War.
Smith, C.A., Ph. D. (1976), Open University (Russell, C.A.)
The capture of Mametz Wood: a study of Lloyd George's 'Welsh army' at the battle of the Somme, 1916.
Hughes, A.C., M.Phil. (1975), Open University (Marwick, A.J.B.)
The Afro-American and the Second World War.
Wynn, N.A., Ph.D. (1973), Open University (Marwick, A.J.B.)