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Representing black Britain: black images on British television from 1936 to the present day.
Malik, S., Ph.D. (1998), Open University
The West Highland railway: the politics of railway promotion in late 19th-century Scotland.
McGregor, John A., Ph.D. (1998), Open University (Donnachie, Ian L.; Durie, Alastair J.)
Violent crime, sexual deviancy and executive clemency in Florida, 1889-1918.
Miller, Vivien M.L., Ph.D. (1998), Open University (Emsley, Clive)
The diplomacy of Sir Nevile Henderson, 1937-9.
Neville, Peter E.J., Ph.D. (1998), Open University (Lentin, Antony)
Evangelicalism, cultural influences and theological change, considered with special reference to the thought of Thomas Rawson Birks (1810-83).
Brown, Ralph, Ph.D. (1997), Open University (Wolffe, John R.)
Real Liberals and Conservatives in the City of London, 1848-86.
Claus, Peter M., Ph.D. (1997), Open University (Purdue, A. William; Golby, John M.)
An assessment of the political and legal career of Robert Price.
Evans, Evan D., M.Phil. (1997), Open University (Laurence, E. Anne; Jones, G.E.)
The church as the bulwark against extremism: development of church and state relations in Kenya, with particular reference to the years after political independence, 1963-92.
Githiga, Gideon G., Ph.D. (1997), Open University
A history of the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, 1874-1982.
Gould, Glenice, Ph.D. (1997), Open University (Coley, Noel G.; Goodman, David C.)
Centres of calculation: a study of accounting and local government in England and Wales, 1800-1995.
Jones, Geoffrey, Ph.D. (1997), Open University
The work of Joseph Estlin Carpenter in the field of comparative religion.
Marshall, Dennis V., M.Phil. (1997), Open University
English smuggling in the 18th century.
Muskett, Paul T.D., Ph.D. (1997), Open University (Emsley, Clive)
The role of electrical power systems technology in Britain, 1875-1948.
Snow, Albert, Ph.D. (1997), Open University (Roberts, Gerrylynn K.; Bowers, B.)
The role of electrical power transmission systems in Britain, 1875-1948.
Snow, Albert, Ph.D. (1997), Open University (Roberts, Gerrylynn K.; Bowers, B.)
The Rev. Francis Close and the foundation of the training institution at Cheltenham, 1845-78.
Trafford, Robert, Ph.D. (1997), Open University
European urbanism in Caracas, 1870s-1930s.
Almandoz Marte, Arturo, Ph.D. (1996), Open University
Christiaan Huygens: a foreign inventor in the court of Louis XIV - his role as a forerunner of mechanical engineering.
Marconell, M. Helena, Ph.D. (1996), Open University (Goodman, David C.; Hackmann, W.)
The emergence of modern civil police in Scotland: a case study of the police and systems of police in Edinburghshire, 1800-33.
McGowan, John, Ph.D. (1996), Open University (Emsley, Clive)
Voting behaviour in Winchester, 1832-68.
Slade, David D.J., M.Phil. (1996), Open University
Liberty, loyalty and locality: the discourses of loyalism in England, 1790-1815.
Watson, Katrina K., Ph.D. (1996), Open University (Emsley, Clive)