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The impact of the First World War on a local community.
Cranstoun, J.G.M., Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Donnachie, I.L.; Wood, I.)
Wills and will-making in Bedfordshire, 1500-40, with particular reference to wills of land.
Ford, Judith A., Ph.D. (1993), Open University (O'Day, M. Rosemary)
The history of the Railway Clerks' Association, 1919-39.
McMahon, Anthony, Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Waites, B.A.; Renshaw, P.R.G.)
Constriction, conformity and control: the taming of the Daily Herald, 1921-30.
Richards, H., Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Aldgate, A.K.; Curran, J.R.A.)
The development of forensic science and its relation to the detective police in Victorian and Edwardian England.
Ward, Jenny, Ph.D. (1993), Open University (Russell, C.A.; Emsley, C.)
The history and presentation of leukaemia, 1845-1960.
Piller, Gordon J., Ph.D. (1992), Open University (Coley, N.G.; Bynum, W.F.)
Mid 19th-century voting behaviour in Leicester: influences of social class and political generation.
Hunting, J.E., B.Phil. (1991), Open University
The effect of international law and international institutions on the place of war in society in the 20th century.
Jones, E.E., Ph.D. (1991), Open University (Lentin, A.; Lyall, F.)
The role of women in the education of the working class, 1870-1904.
Martin, Jane, Ph.D. (1991), Open University
The influence of Dr. Alexander Adam, rector of the High School of Edinburgh, upon education, culture and political opinion in Scotland and the United Kingdom during the Enlightenment.
Murray, A.J., Ph.D. (1991), Open University
Riot and its control in Liverpool, 1815-60
Bryson, C. Anne, M.Phil. (1990), Open University (Emsley, C.; Belchem, J.C.)
Water power and water supply: public health as a cause of the decline of waterpower
Clark. , Sylvia, Ph.D. (1990), Open University (Coley, N.G.)
Parliamentary representation and general elections in Cheltenham Spa between1832 and 1848: a study of a pocket borough
Courtenay, .H., M.Phil. (1990), Open University
The early history of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, 1814-50
Crook, Denise A., Ph.D. (1990), Open University (Russell, C.A.; Beck, R.B.)
Treatment and care of disabled soldiers in two world wars
Donnelly, J., B.Phil. (1990), Open University (Englander, D.)
The Catholic Apostolic Church: its history, ecclesiology, liturgy and eschatology
Flegg, C.G., Ph.D. (1990), Open University
Building an identity: two noblewomen in England [Elizabeth Cooke and Anne Clifford], 1566-1666
Gladstone, H.C., Ph.D. (1990), Open University
The European film maker in exile in Britain, 1933-45.
Gough-Yates, K., Ph.D. (1990), Open University
Building control: its development and application, 1840-1936
Ley, A.J., M.Phil. (1990), Open University
Reserved seats: a study of the decline of a convention in the Church of England.
Meacham, J.D., M.Phil. (1990), Open University