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Economic and social change in Wensleydale and Swaledale in the 19th century
Hallas, Christine S., Ph.D. (1988), Open University
A comparative study of pre- and post-famine migrants from N.W. Ireland to North America
Mageean, D.M., Ph.D. (1988), Open University
Quaker politics and industrial change, c.1800-1850
Morton, Vanessa M., Ph.D. (1988), Open University (Purkis, J.; Thompson, D.M.)
Trade unionism and socio-economic development in the Yorkshire glass industry, c.1840-1940
Spencer, T., Ph.D. (1988), Open University (Donnachie, I.L.; Lloyd-Jones, R.)
The Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland: episodes in cartographic patronage and government lobbying, 1833-75
Boud, R.C., Ph.D. (1987), Open University (Bartholomew, M.J.)
The contest over the control of the 19th-century universities of Scotland and England
Cameron, D.M., Ph.D. (1987), Open University
The designer and the British pottery industry, 1919-39
Colbeck, E.M., M.Phil. (1987), Open University
Electoral politics in Grimsby, 1818-35
Cooper, C.J., Ph.D. (1987), Open University
William Robert Grove, 1811-96: gentleman of science
Cooper, M.L., Ph.D. (1987), Open University (Chant, C.W.)
Perquisites and pilfering in the London docks, 1700-95
D'Sena, P.A., M.Phil. (1987), Open University (Wilson, K.G.; Corfield, Penelope J.)
Social conditions in the Cuckmere valley, 1660-1780: the influence of church and dissent
Doff, A.E., Ph.D. (1987), Open University
Darwin in context: the London years, 1837-42
Erskine. , Fiona, Ph.D. (1987), Open University (Moore, J.R.)
The sociology of a recurrent ceremonial drama: Lewes Guy Fawkes night, 1800- 1913
Etherington, J.E., Ph.D. (1987), Open University
The scope and purpose of town planning in Britain: the experience of the second Town Planning Act, 1919-33
Gunby, D.S., Ph.D. (1987), Open University
Books of advice for princes in 15th-century England, with particular reference tothe period 1450-85
Kekewich, M. Lucille, Ph.D. (1987), Open University (O'Day, M. Rosemary)
The changing aspects of settlement in central Somerset from the 11th to the early 17th centuries
Langdon, M., B.Phil. (1987), Open University
The impact of the First World War upon elementary education in Hertfordshire
Parker, D.H., M.Phil. (1987), Open University
Snatching the thunderbolt: the origins of Britain's radio industry
Pocock, R.F., Ph.D. (1987), Open University (Moore, J.R.)
An alternative 'Consett Story': an investigation of the visibility and invisibility of women in a town's history in the 19th century, the Second World War, the 'Save Consett Campaign' and the 1980s
Price, K.M., Ph.D. (1987), Open University
Visitors by railway to the Great Exhibition of 1851
Rae. , A.B., M.Phil. (1987), Open University (Emsley, C.; Barker, T.C.)