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Staymakers of London: production, consumption and body transformation, 1680-1810.
Sorge-English, Lynn, Ph.D. (2008), Oxford Brookes (King, Stephen A.)
Towards a Greater Britain: a political biography of Oswald Mosley, 1918-47.
Cook, Colin P., Ph.D. (2000), Oxford Brookes
Faith, perseverance and patience: the history of the Oxford suffrage and anti-suffrage movements, 1870-1930.
Bradley, Katherine, Ph.D. (1998), Oxford Brookes (Digby, Anne; Stewart, John W.; Howarth, Janet H.)
'Making ends meet': working-class women's strategies against poverty in W. Oxfordshire, c.1850-1900.
Dubber, Melanie J., Ph.D. (1998), Oxford Brookes (Digby, Anne; Heard, N.)
The role of the principal of an Oxford women's college, 1879-1925.
Keene, Anne, Ph.D. (1998), Oxford Brookes (Digby, Anne; Binfield, J. Clyde G.)
The role of women in the emigration of children to Canada :a case study of the two initiators Miss Rye and Miss Macpherson, 1869-1914.
Searle, Gwendoleyne, M.Phil. (1998), Oxford Brookes (Hendrick, Harry J.; Chamberlain, Mary C.; Digby, Anne)
Social and economic change in Lambourn Hundred, 1522-1663.
Shuttleworth, Julie, Ph.D. (1998), Oxford Brookes (Heard, N.; Brookes, J.E.)
Life, achievements and influence of Thomas Combe of Oxford, 1796-1872.
Hughes, Albert C., Ph.D. (1997), Oxford Brookes
Divine providence and epidemic cholera: a contribution to the study of secularization of thought in 19th-century England.
Grimley-Evans, Corinne, Ph.D. (1996), Oxford Brookes (Digby, Anne; Pelling, H. Margaret)
Weaving truth with trust: labour management at Early's blanket mill, Witney, 1900-60.
Hughes, Andrew W., Ph.D. (1996), Oxford Brookes (Stewart, J.W.; Digby, Anne; Feinstein, Charles H.)
The management of traditional building work in Cumbria, 1650-1840.
Tyson, Blake, Ph.D. (1996), Oxford Brookes (Heard, N.; Airs, M.)
Social mobility, marriage and kinship among some gentry and yeoman families of Wantage hundred, c.1522-c.1670.
Aubertin-Potter, Norma A.R., Ph.D. (1995), Oxford Brookes (Heard, N.; Brookes, J.E.)
Socio-economic structure and the 'small' market town: N. Berkshire, 1520-1640.
Kemp, Simon, Ph.D. (1995), Oxford Brookes (Heard, N.; Gold, John R.)