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Negotiating the boundaries of gender and empire: Lady Curzon, vicereine of India, 1898-1905.
Thomas, Nicola J., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Coones, Paul; Ryan, James R.)
Kinship and exchange relations within an estate economy: Ditchley, 1680-1750.
Hann, Andrew G., D.Phil. (2000), Oxford
Disciplining society through the city: the birth of urbanismo (city planning) in Brazil, 1916-41.
Outtes, Joel G.W.F., D.Phil. (2000), Oxford
Seeing the wood for the trees: deforestation in the central highlands of Eritrea since 1890.
Boerma, Pauline A., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford
Three phases of post World War II ethnic German migration from the former Soviet Union to Germany.
Kleinknecht-Strahle, Ulrike, D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Pallot, Judith)
The social construction of nature: the case of forestry in Great Britain since the turn of the 20th century.
Gerber, Judith, D.Phil. (1997), Oxford (Williams, Michael)
Planning language: the history of planning and the discourse of reconstruction in Plymouth and Caen.
Passmore, Adrian C., D.Phil. (1997), Oxford (Harvey, David W.; Peach, Guthlac C.K.)
Identity and change among Iranian Zoroastrians in the 20th century.
Bekhradnia, Shanin, M.Litt. (1996), Oxford (Jones, Schuyler)
Peasant resistance and the defence of servitude rights in Russia's south west, 1890-1914.
Bircher, Robert E., D.Phil. (1996), Oxford (Pallot, Judith)
The geography of poor relief expenditure in late 18th- and early 19th-century rural Oxfordshire.
Newbold, Edward J., D.Phil. (1996), Oxford (Langton, John)
Geography, gender and the state: a critical evaluation of the development of geography, 1830-1918.
Mander, Avril M.C. Maddrell, D.Phil. (1995), Oxford (Matless, D.)
The urban system in the regional economy of N.W. England, 1700-60.
Stobart, Jon V., D.Phil. (1993), Oxford (Langton, J.)
Capital accumulation, the apartheid state and the rise of the black taxi industry in Johannesburg and Soweto, 1930-90.
Khosa, Meshack M., D.Phil. (1992), Oxford (Lemon, A.)
Municipal control, Asiatic agency and the urban built-environment in colonial Singapore, 1880-1929.
Yeoh, Brenda S., D.Phil. (1991), Oxford (Langton, J.)