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Belgian Africa at War: Europeans in the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, 1940-1945
Bud, Guy, M.Phil (2017), Oxford (Conway, Martin)
English diplomatic agents, 1603-1688.
Dyson, Tomas, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Parrott, David A.)
Church and state in Anglican thought, c.1640-62.
Foster, Richard E.J., D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Worden, A. Blair; Robertson, John C.)
Young Oxford: generational conflict and university reform in the age of revolution.
Ellis, Heather, D.Phil. (2010), Oxford (Garnett, E. Jane)
Sex and racial theory in Britain, 1690-1833.
Wells, Andrew J., D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Young, Brian; Dabhoiwala, Faramerz)
Rabindranath Tagore and the West, 1912-41.
Collins, Michael, D.Phil. (2008), Oxford (Washbrook, David)
Mockery and mirth in the early English Reformation.
Murray, Sophie, D.Phil. (2008), Oxford (Brigden, Susan E.)
The religious thought of Francis William Newman (1805-97): theological scepticism, transcendental mysticism, and the hope for a free and comprehensive Christianity.
Clarke, Jr, John W., M.Litt. (2003), Oxford
The works and career of the 14th-century theologian and statesman Demetrios Cydones.
Gilliland, Judith R., M.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Wilson, N.G.)
Famine process and famine policy: a case study of Ahmednagar District, Bombay Presidency, India, 1870-84.
Hall-Matthews, David N.J., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Washbrook, David A.; Harriss-White, Barbara)
Images of kingship and the contesting of political power in the kingdom of Naples and the two Sicilies, c.1734-1759.
Hammond, Helena L.O., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Whistler, C.T.)
The early planters and the adventurers of the Plymouth colony: examinations and comparisons of their motives for departure to New England.
Iijima, Mariko, M.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Archer, Ian W.)
Leonardo on motion: 17th-century views.
Barone, Juliana, D.Phil. (2001), Oxford (Kemp, Martin J.)