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Mod. Hist

Decolonising Anglo-Indians: strategies for a mixed-race community in late colonial India during the first half of the 20th century.
Charlton-Stevens, Uther E. , Ph.D. (2013), Oxford (Robinson, Francis)
Makeshift Freedom Seekers: Dutch Travellers in Europe, 1815-1914.
Geurts, Anna, Ph.D. (2013), Oxford (Zimmer, Oliver)
Bentvueghels and Bamboccianti: the patronage and reception of northern artists working in Rome and its influence on the iconographical development of the Bambocciate genre (1620-80).
Ackx, Beatrix L.L.A., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Brown, C.P.H.; Johnson, Geraldine A.)
Marriage and family in Gregory of Tours.
Albanese, Angela E., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Leyser, Conrad)
From economics of the firm to business studies at Oxford: an intellectual history (1890s-1990s).
Arena, Lise, D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Humphries, K. Jane; Dimsdale, N.H.)
Gender, custom and human capital: intra-household allocation in 19th-century Britain.
Arthi, Vellore Shroff, M.Sc. (2012), Oxford (Humphries, Jane)
Who is a Sikh? Sikh politics and the partition of the Punjab.
Atwal, Rajpreet, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
Illuminating devotion: relationships between text and image in 'The Littlemore Anselm'.
Atwood, Jennifer J., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Kauffmann, Martin; Ward, Benedicta)
Imperial policy in Malta, 1934-9: Britain's need for benevolent despotism.
Azzopardi, Simone, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Darwin, John G.)
A portrait of visual art practice in New York in the mid 1950s to mid 1960s in relation to Robert Moses's urban redevelopment plan 'The New York Approach'.
Bailey, Juliet E.S., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Wright, Alastair)
Eugenics and Christian mission. Charitable welfare in transition: London and New York, c.1865-1940.
Baker, Graham J., D.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Corsi, Pietro)
Gothic Mannerism in Italy: a relief of the 'Virgin and child with two angels' by the Master of San Michele in Borgo Pulpit.
Banfield, Elisabeth N., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Rosser, Gervase)
'A footnote to history'? The two Germanies' accession to the United Nations, 1973.
Banki, Jakob D., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Clavin, Patricia)
'A means more adequate for the measure': the Select Committee Inquiry on the State of Mendicity in the Metropolis, 1815-16.
Baylis, Luke T., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Innes, Joanna M.)
Illustrated books and Chinoiseries: translating China in England and France, 1660-1760.
Bellemare-Gilbert, Julie, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Clunas, Craig)
Combat stress and post-traumatic stress disorder in the American army (Vietnam War through 2011).
Betterbed, Elizabeth, M.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Mahone, Sloan C.)
'Translating objects': material culture and the creation of meaning in late medieval wills.
Boeles Rowland, Anna C., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Forrest, Ian)
A historical geography of the Bequaa valley (Lebanon) in late antiquity.
Boeselager, Matern, M.Phil. (2012), Oxford (Lauxtermann, Marc)
Scenes from provincial life: multiple lordship in the north midlands in the 12th century.
Boston, Hannah, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Garnett, George S.)
The resurrection of the body: post-death conversion in 'St. Erkenwald' and the Munich 'Oswald'.
Boyle, Mary R., M.St. (2012), Oxford (Volfing, Annette; Ghosh, Shami)