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Mod. Hist

Jordan, Palestine and the British World System, 1945-57: Glubb Pasha and the Arab Legion.
Jevon, Graham, Ph.D. (2014), Oxford (Rogan, Eugene L.)
Is there Pop Art in Korea?
Ahn, Selee, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Wright, Alastair)
Hostages of fortune: prisoners, guests and exiles in the Eccelesiastical History of Orderic Vitalis.
Almond, Vyvyan K., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Garnett, George S.)
Irish Protestant travel to Europe, 1660-1727.
Ansell, Richard, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Barnard, Toby)
Hegemony amongst subordinates: the struggle for the Indian National Movement, 1928-9.
Ashton, Daniel R., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
Narration in Byzantine icons.
Aslanovski, Davor, M.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Elsner, Jas)
Infrastructure as technology: the Paris sewers and the rationalisation of the urban environment.
Ayat, Daniel S., M.Sc. (2013), Oxford (Charters, Erica)
The world for its mother country: responses to nativism in the antebellum period.
Baird, Sebastian, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Sexton, Jay)
Social attitudes in World War II Britain: discipline, welfare and leisure in the Women's Royal Naval Service.
Barlow, Caroline P., M.Sc. (2013), Oxford (Rodger, Nicholas A.M.)
How were war literature and memory utilised as political tools in Germany following the First World War, and what implications does this have for the larger historiography?
Barrilleaux, Jane L., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Gregory, Adrian M.)
Observing human 'difference': the case of the Endeavour and Resolution journals.
Barsky, Roxane K., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Innes, Joanna M.)
The Poona Pact revisited: Gandhi, Ambedkar and the question of separate electorates.
Bhargav, Vanya Vaidehi, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
Social memory and political society: 15th-century chronicles and the changing structures of politics.
Biggs, Elizabeth C., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Moss, Rachel)
Bankruptcy regimes in early 19th-century France and Germany.
Bittner, Frederic J., M.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Ploeckl, Florian)
Frontier psychiatrists: the 'borderlands' of British alienism, c.1870-1914.
Blayney, Steffan T., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Houlbrook, Matthew)
'A great social evil': Irish nationalist responses to prostitution and venereal disease in the early 20th century.
Bolton, Jess C., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Paseta, Senia)
Memorial and Stalinist memory: the connection between public and private memory in the work of Russia's Memorial Society.
Brabon, Katherine A.A., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Kelly, Catriona)
Women and the British world: assisted female migration from Britain to South Africa, c.1900-14.
Bricker, Joseph H.P., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Deutsch, Jan-Georg)
Broken telephone: information flows and price discovery in the great telegraphers' strike of 1883.
Bridgman, Michael H., M.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Esteves, Rui)
From Romans to Goths and Franks: ethnic identities in 6th- and 7th-century Spain and Gaul.
Buchberger, Erica, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Ward-Perkins, Bryan; Wickham, Chris)