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Controlling controversial science: biotechnology policy in Britain and the United States, 1984-2004.
McManigal, Barney, D.Phil. (2013), Oxford (Hood, Christopher; King, Desmond)
English housing associations, 1965-96: players more than pawns through 30 years of government funding.
Johnston, Alex, D.Phil. (2004), Oxford (King, D.S.)
Rhodesian U.D.I. and the search for a settlement, 1964-8: failure of decolonization.
Coggins, Richard T., D.Phil. (2002), Oxford (Owen, Nicholas J.)
The Anglo-Russian entente: alliance formation and management, 1907-14.
Zaslavsky, Alexander G., D.Phil. (2001), Oxford (Darwin, John G.; Andreyev, C. Catherine L.)
Purposes of economic sanctions: British objectives in the Rhodesian crisis, 1964-79.
Fountain, Evan D., D.Phil. (2000), Oxford
The British Conservative party and European supranational integration, 1948-55.
Skar, Sylke, D.Phil. (2000), Oxford
Role of the state in the promotion of printing and publishing exports in Colombia, 1967-90.
Vallejo, Zayda, M.Litt. (2000), Oxford
Chinese chess: U.S. China policy and Taiwan, 1969-83.
Madsen, Robert A., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford (Markwell, D.J.)
Changing patterns in United States presidential elections, 1960-92.
Maloney, Gary W., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford (Shafer, Byron E.)
Whither emotions? The evolution of the nationalist debates in Quebec and Scotland, 1950-95: the impact of a changing world economic order.
Mau, Timothy A., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford (Sharpe, Laurence J.)
Class, consciousness and organisation: Indian political resistance in Durban, South Africa, 1979-96.
Naidoo, K.S., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford
Anglo-Japanese relations, 1939-41: the influence of diplomats on foreign policy-making.
Niwa, Yasuko, M.Litt. (1999), Oxford
Soldiers at peace: the post-war politics of demobilized soldiers in Mozambique, 1964-96.
Schafer, Jessica S., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford (Mustapha, Abdul R.; Beinart, William J.)
Workers' participation and the French state, 1944-8.
Steinhouse, A.G.E., D.Phil. (1999), Oxford
The institution of citizenship: immigration policy and nationality law in post-war Britain.
Hansen, Randall A., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (King, Desmond S.)
Liberal reformism in Portugal: Oliveira Martins, the movement for a 'new life' and the politics of the constitutional monarchy, 1885-1908.
Ramos, Rui M.M.L., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Martins, Herminio Gomez)
Socialism and pluralism: a study in inter-war British ideology.
Stears, Marc D., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Freeden, Michael S.)
Lord Hailey and the interaction of race and Empire in the Anglo-American dialogue of the Second World War.
Wolton, Suzannah A., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Ranger, Terence O.)
The arms transfer policy of the Federal Republic of Germany towards the Middle East, 1949-82.
de Roy van Zuijdewijn, Edwin K.W., D.Phil. (1997), Oxford (Wright, Jonathan R.C.)
State, groups and individuals: pluralist thinking in France and Britain, 1900-25.
Laborde, Cecile, D.Phil. (1997), Oxford (Hayward, Jack E.S.)