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English evangelical reformers in the last years of Henry VIII.
Ryrie, Alexander G., D.Phil. (2000), Oxford
An irenic theologian: William Forbes, first bishop of Edinburgh.
Martin, Joyce B., M.Litt. (1999), Oxford (Platt, John E.)
A critical appraisal of the Rev. Dr. John Scott Lidgett C.H. (theologian, educationalist and ecclesiastical statesman) between 1890 and 1920.
Turberfield, Alan F., D.Phil. (1998), Oxford (Wilson, Kenneth B.)
Adoniram Judson Gordon D.D. (1836-95): pastor, pre-millennialist, moderate Calvinist and missionary statesman.
Gibson, Scott, D.Phil. (1997), Oxford (Hinchliff, Peter B.)
The life and thought of Jacques Ellul, with special reference to his writings on law, violence, the state and politics.
Goddard, Andrew J., D.Phil. (1996), Oxford (Donovan, Oliver M.T.)
Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914), Catholic novelist and apologist: towards the restoration of a portrait.
Heap, Nicholas G., D.Phil. (1996), Oxford (Rowell, D. Geoffrey)
The Church, the state and the Fenian threat, 1861-75.
Rafferty, Oliver P., D.Phil. (1996), Oxford (Foster, R.F. (Roy))
The struggle for equality by the anti-Trinitarians, 1813-44.
Schulman, Jacob F., D.Phil. (1995), Oxford (Hinchcliff, P.B.)
Nonconformity, theology and reunion, c.1870-1910.
Wood, Stella M., D.Phil. (1995), Oxford (Matthew, H.C.G.)
`I am a sort of middle-man': John Newton and the English Evangelical tradition between the conversions of Wesley and Wilberforce.
Hindmarsh, D. Bruce, D.Phil. (1994), Oxford (Rowell, D.G.)
The religious policy of the Cecils, 1589-98.
Richardson, William B., D.Phil. (1994), Oxford (Williams, P.H.)
Euthanasia of a mission: the work of the Church Missionary Society in western Canada, leading to the society's withdrawal in 1920 and the consequences for the Canadian church.
Chilton, Roger H., D.Phil. (1993), Oxford (Hinchcliff, P.B.)
George Whitefield as inter-confessional evangelist, 1714-70.
Smith, David A., D.Phil. (1993), Oxford (Walsh, J.D.)
William Howley (1766-1848): bishop of London, 1813-28; archbishop of Canterbury, 1828-48.
Garrard, James R., D.Phil. (1992), Oxford (Rowell, D.G.)
The 19th-century British Jesuits, with special reference to their relations with the vicars apostolic and the bishops.
L'Estrange, Peter J., D.Phil. (1991), Oxford (Rowell, D.G.)
Christians and religious pluralism, c.1830-1914: changing attitudes to other faiths.
Supple, Paul C., M.Litt. (1991), Oxford (Hinchcliff, P.B.)
Roman Catholic social and economic thought in England c.1880-c.1914: some tentative steps towards a 'third spring'?
Hutton, Cherry Warrington, D.Phil. (1970), Oxford (Chapman, Mark D.)
Cultures of Anglican hagiography c.1840-1940, with special reference to the diocese of Truro.
Macfarlane, Elizabeth C., D.Phil. (1970), Oxford (Chapman, Mark D.)