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Ecclesiastical property in the dioceses of York and Bath and Wells: a reassessment of church and society, 1730-1800.
Cummins, Daniel, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Taylor, Stephen J.C.)
Warwickshire gentry and the Dudley ascendancy, 1547-90.
Enis, Catherine, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Houlbrooke, Ralph A.)
The image and reality of the magician figure in 12th-century England.
Escobar Vargas, Carolina, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Lawrence, Anne E.; Le Saux, Françoise)
The youth policies of the Italian communist parties, 1943-60.
Goretti, Leo, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.; Worley, Matthew)
From Nebuchadnezzar (586 B.C.E.) to the Roman emperors: foreign rulers and powers in Josephus' writings.
Passuello, Victor, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Rajak, Tessa; Nicholls, Matthew)
Contesting Rome: discourse and debate in the making of Roma Capitale, 1922-43.
Pooley, Eugene, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
The forgotten revolution: the Brannan Plan and the Fair Deal.
Wood, Daniel P., Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Bell, Jonathan W.)
Local economies and material culture: trends in early modern Berkshire.
Wooders, Jameson, Ph.D. (2011), Reading (Yates, Margaret)
Reconstituting the English diplomatic 'corps', 1335-1422: a prosopographical study.
Benson, Katherine J., Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Matthews, E.A.W)
Non-metallic armour prior to the First World War.
Cheshire, Edward, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Atkins, A.; Tallett, Frank)
Italian anti-fascists in the Spanish Civil War.
Cogni, Manuele, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
Metal figurines in Roman Britain.
Durham, Emma, Ph.D. (2010), Reading
French religious orders in Britain: 1880-1914
Reavell, Fraser M., M.Phil. (2010), Reading (Atkin, Nicholas)
Redressing the 'Samnites': adornment and identity in central Italy between 750 and 350 B.C.
Richardson, Amy, Ph.D. (2010), Reading
Ideological development and change at the beginning of the socialist revival in England, c.1881-1885.
Rowley, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Stack, David)
A journalistic odyssey: Je Suis Partout, 1936-44.
Smith, David, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Atkin, Nicholas J.)
'The soul of the labour movement': rediscovering the Labour church, 1891-1914.
Turner, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Woolley, Matthew)
'Upping the anti': anti-fascism and anti-semitism between the wars in East London.
Weedon, Coleen, Ph.D. (2010), Reading (Worley, Matthew; Wolfe, Roy)
The evolution of strategic cultures of divided countries: a case study on the continuities and changes of Korean strategic culture and strategic relations on the peninsular since 1948.
Choi, Jounghyun, Ph.D. (2009), Reading
Tibetan typeforms: an historical and visual analysis of Tibetan typefaces from their inception in 1738 up to 2009.
De Baerdemaeker, Jo A.J., Ph.D. (2009), Reading