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Clermont-de-Lodeve, 1674-1789: the rise and decline of a Languedocian cloth-making town.
Thomson, J.K.J., Ph. D. (1976), reading (Hufton, Olwen H.)
Land reform in England, 1880-1914.
Ward, Sadie B., Ph.D. (1976), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
Peasant holdings in medieval Norfolk: a detailed investigation into the holdings of the peasantry in three Norfolk villages in the 13th century.
Williamson, Janet G., Ph. D (1976), Reading (Dodwell, Barbara)
The road to Sedan: the French army, 1866-70.
Holmes, E.R., Ph. D. (1975), Reading (Pitt, M.R.)
Stuart caversham: a Thames-side community in Oxfordshire during the 17th century.
McLaren, Dorothy M., Ph. D. (1975), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
The Italian Fascist party, 1926-32.
Morgan, P.J., Ph. D. (1975), Reading
The effects of the technological, socio-economic, political and cultural transformations upon the origin and development of the industrial town in England, 1760-1850, with special reference to Bolton, Preston, Halifax, Dudley and Worcester.
Naslas, N., Ph.D. (1975), Reading
The development and impact of the primary commodity sector in Ceylon, 1920-50, with special reference to international marketing arrangements.
Nithiyanandam, V., Ph.D. (1975), Reading
The development of technical education in the borough of Reading, 1825-1939.
Palmer, R.F., M.Phil. (1975), Reading
The domestic policies of the Addington administration, 1801-4.
Polden, P., Ph.D. (1975), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
The origin and development of education in the Royal navy, 1702-1902.
Sullivan, F.B., Ph.D. (1975), Reading
Depression and recovery in English agriculture, after the Napoleonic wars.
Wilkes, A.R., Ph.D. (1975), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
The condominium and Sudanese nationalism, 1942-55.
Woodward, P.R., Ph.D. (1975), Reading
Politics and elections in Suffolk boroughs during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Childs, A.R., M. Phil. (1974), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
An economic and social history of Troyes and the department of the Aube under the July Monarchy, 1830-48.
Heywood, C.M., Ph. D. (1974), Reading (Hufton, Olwen H.)
The organization and activities of the English Ordanance Ofice, 1660-1714.
Tomlinson, H.C., Ph. D. (1974), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
The Republican army in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.
Alpert, M., Ph. D. (1973), Reading (Thomas, H.S.)
The Great Roll of the Pipe for the 5th year of the reign of Henry III, Michaelman 1221 (Pipe Roll 65).
Crook, D., Ph.D. (1973), Reading (Holt, J.C.)
East Anglian opposition to King John.
Feeney, B.J., Ph.D. (1973), Reading (Holt, J.C.)
Educational development in S.E. Asia: an historical and comparative analysis of the growth of education in Thialand, Malaya and Singapore.
Watson, J.K.P., Ph.D. (1973), Reading