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Politics and elections in Suffolk boroughs during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Childs, A.R., M. Phil. (1974), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
An economic and social history of Troyes and the department of the Aube under the July Monarchy, 1830-48.
Heywood, C.M., Ph. D. (1974), Reading (Hufton, Olwen H.)
The organization and activities of the English Ordanance Ofice, 1660-1714.
Tomlinson, H.C., Ph. D. (1974), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
The Republican army in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.
Alpert, M., Ph. D. (1973), Reading (Thomas, H.S.)
The Great Roll of the Pipe for the 5th year of the reign of Henry III, Michaelman 1221 (Pipe Roll 65).
Crook, D., Ph.D. (1973), Reading (Holt, J.C.)
East Anglian opposition to King John.
Feeney, B.J., Ph.D. (1973), Reading (Holt, J.C.)
Educational development in S.E. Asia: an historical and comparative analysis of the growth of education in Thialand, Malaya and Singapore.
Watson, J.K.P., Ph.D. (1973), Reading
A critical study of educational developments in Ceylon, 1865-1905.
Weerasinghe, H., Ph.D. (1973), Reading
Les movements politiques de defense religieuse en France, 1879-92.
Addinall, N.A., Ph. D. (1972), Reading
The intellectual background and development of the toleration policy of Catherine de Medici.
Bettinson, C.D., Ph. D. (1972), Reading
The Walthamstow School Board, 1880-1903.
Dowell, J.S., M.Phil. (1972), Reading
Intellectuals of the French Right, and the Spanish Civil War.
Footitt, Hilary A., M. Phil. (1972), Reading
A consideration of some aspects of landholding in medieval Berkshire.
Jefferies, Peggy J., Ph. D. (1972), Reading (Slade, C.F.)
The attitude of the British cabinet and senior advisers concerned with decision-making towards the resurgence of Nazi germany, with particular reference to the period ending with the Munich crisis.
Meyers, R.P.F.W., M.Phil. (1972), Reading
Domenica Bollani, bishop of Brescia: devotion to Church and state in the republic of venice in the 16th century.
Cairns, C.S., Ph. D. (1971), Reading
The English press and the American Civil War.
Keiser, T., Ph.D. (1971), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
The life and work of John Curwen, 1816-80.
Rush, J.P., Ph.D. (1971), Reading
The borough of Wallingford, 1155-1400.
Herbert, N.M., Ph. D., Reading (Slade, C.F.)