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Into the belly of the beast: exploring London’s main drainage system, c.1848-1868.
Dobraszczyk, Paul A., Ph.D. (2006), Reading
The Hampshire gentry, 1689-1800.
Gallon, Albert E., Ph.D. (2006), Reading
The churching of women in 20th-century England.
Houlbrooke, Margaret E., Ph.D. (2006), Reading
Grand strategy into Africa: Communist China’s use of political warfare, 1955-76.
Chau, Donovan C., Ph.D. (2005), Reading
The Knights Templar and the kings of England and France.
Gatti, Irina, Ph.D. (2005), Reading (Barber, Malcolm C.)
The social consequences of the parliamentary enclosure of common land in Berkshire, 1790-1860.
Jenks, Oliver, Ph.D. (2005), Reading (Burchardt, Jeremy F.S.)
Staged memories: French and Italian Holocaust films and their reception, 1956-98.
Lichtner, Giacomo, Ph.D. (2005), Reading (Laven, David S.)
Competition and co-operation: U.S. trade and foreign direct investment in Malaya, 1870-1957.
Yacob, Shakila P., Ph.D. (2005), Reading
The impact of the Great War on intellectuals, 1914-21.
Aldridge, Ross, Ph.D. (2003), Reading (Biddiss, Michael D.)
The history of Guildford castle.
Alexander, Mary, Ph.D. (2003), Reading (Astill, Grenville G.; Curry, Anne E.)
Catholic identity, ideology and culture: the Thames Valley Catholic gentry from Restoration to the Relief Acts.
Jordan, Sally, Ph.D. (2003), Reading (Taylor, Stephen J.C.)
Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.) in the Second World War.
Murphy, Christopher, Ph.D. (2003), Reading (Murphy, Philip)
The Winchcombe family and the woollen industry of 16th-century Newbury.
Peacock, David M., Ph.D. (2003), Reading (Wordie, Ross)
Military technology in late 13th- and 14th-century England.
Storey, Randy, Ph.D. (2003), Reading (Curry, Anne E)
Anatomy of an army: the campaigns of 1387-8.
Bell, Adrian R., Ph.D. (2002), Reading (Curry, Anne E.)
An examination of the horse in Anglo-Saxon England.
Cathers, Kerry, Ph.D. (2002), Reading (James, Edward F.)
From Malabar to Macau. The Portuguese in China during the 16th century: a synthesis of early Luso-Chinese sources.
Chang, Stephen T.-H., Ph.D. (2002), Reading (Rubies, Joan-Pau)
Images of peace in Britain, from the late 19th century to the Second World War.
Glover, Margaret, Ph.D. (2002), Reading (Twyman, Michael; Malvern, Susan B.)
Sport and fascism: a beautiful friendship? A study of relations between state and elite sport in Mussolini's Italy.
Gould, David, Ph.D. (2002), Reading (Laven, David S.)
'Settlers' men' or policemen? The ambiguities of 'colonial' policing, 1945-80
Sinclair, Georgina, Ph.D. (2002), Reading (Murphy, Philip V.)