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Experiencing landscapes: a study and identity in the three marginal areas of medieval Britain and Scandinavia.
Altenberg, Karin, Ph.D. (2001), Reading
Quarr stone: an archaeological and petrological study in relation to the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval stone building industries of southern Britain.
Bishop, Cheryl M., M.Phil. (2001), Reading
Lamps and lighting in Roman Britain.
Eckhardt, Hella, M.Phil. (2001), Reading
Merovingian episcopal hagiography: text and portrayal.
Hamilton, Sarah L., Ph.D. (2001), Reading
Disability in medieval Europe: theoretical approaches to physical impairment during the high middle ages, c.1100-c.1400.
Metzler, Irina, Ph.D. (2001), Reading
Problems of a garrison town: Windsor, 1815-55.
Mitchell, Brigitte, Ph.D. (2001), Reading
The responses in north east England to the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745.
Oates, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2001), Reading
Horse supply in the English Civil War, 1642-6.
Robinson, Gavin, Ph.D. (2001), Reading
The burnt Germans of the age of iron: early Anglo-Saxon mortuary practices and the study of cremation in past societies.
Williams, Howard, Ph.D. (2001), Reading
Farming in partnership: the Leckford estate and the pursuit of profit in inter-war agriculture.
Brigden, Roy, Ph.D. (2000), Reading
The natural order: organic husbandry, society and religion in Britain, 1924-53.
Conford, Philip, Ph.D. (2000), Reading
The economics of private construction in Roman Italy.
Daniels-Dwyer, Robert J., Ph.D. (2000), Reading
Women's letters and letter-writing in England, 1540-1603.
Daybell, James, Ph.D. (2000), Reading
The construction of the Saxon shore forts: an economic and contextual study.
Pearson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2000), Reading
Childhood in Britain, 1650-1800.
Thomas, Angela, Ph.D. (2000), Reading
The audiences and reception of the book of Sir John Mandeville.
Tzanaki, Rosemary, Ph.D. (2000), Reading (Rubiés, Joan-Pau)
The Bangorian controversy.
Warner, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2000), Reading
The Kynoch Press, 1876-1981.
Archer, Caroline, Ph.D. (1999), Reading
Roman buildings in the middle ages in Britain.
Eaton, Timothy D., Ph.D. (1999), Reading (Astill, Grenville G.; Fulford, Michael G.)
Long-term perspectives on the transformation of international order: the external relations of the Byzantine empire A.D. c.400-c.1200.
Harris, Anthea L., Ph.D. (1999), Reading