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Proto-industrialization in Berkshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1500-1850: a comparative study.
Whiteley, Pamela J., Ph.D. (1997), Reading (Wordie, J. Ross)
John Nicholson, organ builder of Worcester: background, life and work.
Berrow, J., Ph.D. (1996), Reading
Environmental impact of Roman iron-making in the Weald.
Kaminski, Jaime, Ph.D. (1996), Reading (Fulford, Michael G.)
Innovation and the development of the British garden between 1919 and 1939.
Musgrave, J.T.T., Ph.D. (1996), Reading
The politics of Arabism, Islamism and the Palestinian question, 1908-41.
Nafi, Bashir M., Ph.D. (1996), Reading
The aspirations of European settlers in Kenya and their influence on Highland farming practices, 1890-1964.
Rieden, Elizabeth F., Ph.D. (1996), Reading (Collins, Edward J.T.)
The bronze coinage of Carausius.
Williams, Hugh P. G., M.Phil. (1996), Reading (Fulford, Michael G.)
The early endowment of Lewes priory, with special reference to its spiritual possessions, c.1077-c.1200.
Clarke, Marvin, M.Phil. (1995), Reading (Kemp, Brian R.)
Women's health and illness, 1550-1700.
Snowdon, Sarah K., M.Phil. (1995), Reading (Houlbrooke, R.A.)
Legislation, royal proclamations and other national directives affecting inns, taverns, ale houses, brandy shops and punch houses, 1552-1757.
Hunter, Judith, Ph.D. (1994), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
Late Roman handmade wares in S.E. Britain.
Lyne, Malcolm A.B., Ph.D. (1994), Reading (Fulford, M.G.)
Fascism and the Bedouin of Cyrenaica.
Pasero, Annalisa, Ph.D. (1994), Reading
Cold War warrior of the Middle East? Turkey, the Cold War and the Middle East.
Sever, Aysegul, Ph.D. (1994), Reading (Deighton, A.)
Beyond the bloom: bloom refining and artifact production in Roman Britain.
Sim, David N., Ph.D. (1994), Reading (Fulford, M.G.)
An historical comparison of garden design and the education of garden designers in Britain and China.
Xu, Q., Ph.D. (1994), Reading
Mixed farming on the Hampshire Downs, 1837-1914.
Afton, Bethanie, Ph.D. (1993), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
The Berkshire woollen industry, 1500-1650.
Jackson, Christine A., Ph.D. (1993), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
Aspects of the history of medieval Yeovil.
Peachey, Joseph P., M.Phil. (1993), Reading (Curry, Anne E.)
Patronage and literature: the women of the Russell family, 1520-1617.
Clarke, C.M., Ph.D. (1992), Reading
Venezia s'é desta: l'educazione delle classi popolari dopo l'annessione al Regno d'Italia, 1866-81. (Venice has woken: the education of the popular classes after the annexation to the Italian Kingdom, 1866-81.)
Pes, L., Ph.D. (1992), Reading