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Propaganda and psychological warfare in guerrilla and counter-guerrilla warfare: the Malayan emergency, 1948-60.
Zarougui, M., Ph.D. (1992), Reading
The Italian Communist party and industrial workers in the Porta Romana area of Milan, 1943-8.
Behan, T., Ph.D. (1991), Reading
Photography and printmaking, 1840-60.
Bloore, C., Ph.D. (1991), Reading
The United Nations' role in nuclear disarmament.
Bourantonis, Demetrios, Ph.D. (1991), Reading (Jones, P.M.)
`The right place of music in education': a history of musical education in England, 1872-1928, with special reference to the role of H.M.I.
Cox, G.S.A., Ph.D. (1991), Reading
The electrification of rural England and Wales.
Newman, Leslie, M.Phil. (1991), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.)
Aspects of the town in Roman Britain
E. Bates. , Wendy, Ph.D. (1990), Reading (Fulford, M.G.)
Revealed women: widows and spinsters in 17th-century Reading
Fellgett, J. Mary, M.Phil. (1990), Reading (Houlbrooke, R.A.)
The changing structure of a small medieval industry: an approach to the study of floor tiles
Stopford, Jennifer M., Ph.D. (1990), Reading (Astill, G.G.)
Economic change in the U.K. food manufacturing industry, 1919-39, with special reference to convenience foods
Ward, A.V., Ph.D. (1990), Reading
Anglo-Iraqi relations, 1945-58
Al-Windawi. , M., Ph.D. (1989), Reading (Woodward, P.R.)
The estates and privileges of Malmesbury abbey in the 13th century
Berry. , N.P., Ph.D. (1989), Reading (Farmer, D.H.)
The sheriffs of Henry II and their role in civil litigation, 1154-89
Boorman. , Julia, Ph.D. (1989), Reading (Matthew, D.J.A.)
The Algerian guerrilla campaign strategy and tactics
Derradji, A., Ph.D. (1989), Reading
Presentation of the Volksgemeinschaft in the Third Reich.
Fox, C., M.Phil. (1989), Reading (Biddiss, M.D.)
The history of protecting pedestrians and residents from the effects of wheeled and motor traffic, with special reference to Britain, Germany and the United States.
Hass-Klau, C.H.M., Ph.D. (1989), Reading
The political and ideological development of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, 1945-86
Osman, A.A.M., Ph.D. (1989), Reading
The attempt to integrate Malta with the United Kingdom, 1955-8.
Pirotta, J.M., Ph.D. (1989), Reading (Gregory, R.G.)
Dreams and visions in England, 1750-1850
Stevens, D.M., Ph.D. (1989), Reading (Biddiss, M.D.)
The modernist Left in France: a political and intellectual history.
Bell, L.A., Ph.D. (1988), Reading